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 Friday, March 28, 2003



Civilian Casualty Update

LATEST A senior BBC News executive today admitted that the reporting of allied military claims in Iraq that later prove false, such as heralding the fall of Umm Qasr at least nine times, had "left the public feeling less well-informed than it should be".Mark Damazer, the deputy director of BBC News, also admitted the BBC had been making mistakes "on a daily basis" during the first week of the Iraq conflict, but denied there was any deliberate bias towards either the pro or anti-war camps.

Defence analysts comment on fight for Baghdad Here are the comments from military analysts on how they think the battle for Baghdad will evolve:(click to read more)

Marching in front of news reporters and cameras, protesters staged a demonstration outside of Cable News Network's San Francisco bureau today to denounce what they believe is unbalanced media coverage of the war in Iraq. Some protesters laid small white coffins bearing pictures of children on the sidewalk and others chanted, "independent journalism is dead and gone when the media is in bed with the Pentagon." Organizers say they selected CNN because it is one of the most watched American news networks in the world and they feel it should be a leader in unbiased and accurate coverage.


LATEST An El Salvadorean Red Cross aid worker has been shot dead by unidentified attackers in southern Afghanistan, the International Committee of the Red Cross says.Ricardo Munguia, 39, was killed on Thursday while travelling with Afghan colleagues to check on water supplies in the town of Tirin Kot, the ICRC said in a statement."(Munguia) was shot in cold blood by a group of unidentified assailants who stopped the vehicles in which the ICRC staff were travelling," it said.

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