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 Wednesday, March 12, 2003

  The War in Iraq - The Countdown to the Vote

Great Britain – America's closest ally – may find it politically impossible to commit its military to a U.S.-led attack on Saddam Hussein. And that could force the United States to go it alone in Iraq.

A unilateral US attack on Iraq would set a precedent which could be cited by China if it wanted to invade Taiwan, or India if it wanted to launch a nuclear-tipped attack on Kashmiri guerrilla camps in Pakistan, or any number of other countries which nurse grudges with their neighbours

Labour Party discontent over Tony Blair's stance on Iraq burst into the open for the first time yesterday when more than 40 MPs called for the Prime Minister to resign.

Around ten thousand Russian citizens have applied for entry visas into Iraq to defend this country

Concerned that sensitive information might leak out, some units of the United States military are starting to clamp down on e-mail communication from their soldiers and sailors, who have been using it from ships, major bases and even desert outposts around Iraq to stay in touch with family and friends.

Mr Howard will deliver the speech at Federal Parliament's Great Hall instead of the National Press Club.It is understood Federal Police advised the Press Club of concerns about protesters restricting access to the building and roadblocks may have been required.

WELLHEADS of the richest oilfields in the north of Iraq have been mined and set with explosives ready to detonate in case of American attack, according to Western sources and Kurdish civilians fleeing the city of Kirkuk

JACQUES CHIRAC was basking in ecstatic praise from virtually all of France yesterday after his Monday night pledge to defy America and veto a war against Iraq

A CATALOGUE of broken promises from Mexico to Russia and Pakistan were being blamed yesterday for undermining America’s attempts to secure international backing for action against Iraq.

Telephones between Number 10 and Washington were ringing "red hot" after Mr Rumsfeld told a press briefing that the US had alternative plans if the UK decided not to go to war with Iraq

The United Nations says it has pulled out more than 30 weapons inspectors throughout Iraq

The United States has flatly rejected calls to extend a deadline for Iraq to disarm by up to 45 days.

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