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 Thursday, June 19, 2003

  Bush Told Blair's Critics : You are Wrong

US President George Bush came out to defend his beleaguered friend, UK PM Tony Blair, who is being accused of misleading the British public for going to war in Iraq. An official inquiry is presently underway in UK.

Mr Bush said those who accuse the British Prime Minister of exaggerating the threat from Iraq before the war were wrong, adding " He (Blair) operated on very sound intelligence and those accusations are simply not true".

Meanwhile, US Senator John Kerry said the US President had misled "every one of us",meaning the American public.

In an article in Village Voice, Cynthia Cotts wrote:
"At press time, the Bush team and Tony Blair stand widely accused of intentionally publicizing bogus evidence to justify the war. Not only did Bush rely on forged documents when he made the claim in his State of the Union address that Iraq tried to purchase uranium from Niger, but, as Kristof reported on May 6 and June 13, everyone in the intelligence community knew this was a lie, including the office of Dick Cheney. ..What did the president know, and when did he know it? The refrain dates back to Watergate days, when Richard Nixon had to resign because of his lies."

Arianna Huffington wrote an interesting piece in which she said:
"I consulted the work of various experts in the field (of psychology) in order to get a better understanding of the fanatical mindset that is driving the Bush administration's agenda. This pathological pattern of disregarding inconvenient reality is not just troubling -- it's deadly."

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