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 Monday, June 30, 2003

Boycotting BBC Due to a Program Broadcast

    The BBC Program had asked: "Which country in the Middle East has NOT declared the nuclear and biological weapons in its possession?"
Israel, America's often-quoted democracy for the Middle East, has decided to boycott BBC.

BBC is accused of being "anti semitic" by the Israelis.

The boycott would mean Israeli "government offices won't assist BBC producers and reporters, that Israeli officials will not give interviews to the British network, and that the Government Press Office will make it difficult for BBC employees to get press cards and work visas in Israel."

The narrator of the program had simply asked "Which country in the Middle East has not declared the nuclear and biological weapons in its possession?"

Read HERE and HERE's the report from Alwaba news website :
" ... From now on, Israeli officials will refuse BBC interviews, impose visa restrictions, and be decidedly unhelpful to the BBC at road blocks and Israel's International Airport, the Sunday Times reported.

This decision was taken after the BBC broadcast a documentary about the extent of Israel's undeclared nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in violation of international conventions.

Daniel Seaman, Israeli director of the government press office, told The Times,
".... overall BBC attitude towards Israel is verging on the anti-Semitic. We decided that we had to draw a red line rather than just complain about a consistent attitude in which successive BBC programs attempt to place us in the same context as totalitarian, axis-of-evil countries such as Iraq and Iran."
In response to the sanctions, BBC head of news Richard Sambrook was quoted as saying that while it was regretted that the Israelis felt they needed to take this action, "We stand behind the veracity of the film."
Read here the full transcript of the BBC broadcast that angered Israel.

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