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 Sunday, June 29, 2003


Lies on the War in Iraq: A Summary

The on-going discovery that Americans and the rest of the world were lied to by the Bush Administration on reasons for going to war had been astounding.

Bush had declared to the Americans in a speech in Cincinnati on Oct 7, 2002:
"The Iraqi dictator must not be permitted to threaten America and the world with horrible poisons and diseases and gases and atomic weapons."
Here is a summary of the lies compiled by Christopher Scheer .

Read HERE on the facts as opposed to each of the lies:
LIE #1: "The evidence indicates that Iraq is reconstituting its nuclear weapons program ... Iraq has attempted to purchase high-strength aluminum tubes and other equipment need for gas centrifuges, which are used to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons." – President Bush, Oct. 7, 2002, in Cincinnati.

LIE #2: "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." – President Bush, Jan.28, 2003, in the State of the Union address.

LIE #3: "We believe [Saddam] has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons." – Vice President Cheney on March 16, 2003 on "Meet the Press."

LIE #4: "[The CIA possesses] solid reporting of senior-level contacts between Iraq and al-Qaeda going back a decade." – CIA Director George Tenet in a written statement released Oct. 7, 2002 and echoed in that evening's speech by President Bush.

LIE #5: "We've learned that Iraq has trained al-Qaeda members in bomb-making and poisons and deadly gases ... Alliance with terrorists could allow the Iraqi regime to attack America without leaving any fingerprints." – President Bush, Oct. 7.

LIE #6: "We have also discovered through intelligence that Iraq has a growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used to disperse chemical or biological weapons across broad areas. We are concerned that Iraq is exploring ways of using these UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] for missions targeting the United States." – President Bush, Oct. 7.

LIE #7: "We have seen intelligence over many months that they have chemical and biological weapons, and that they have dispersed them and that they're weaponized and that, in one case at least, the command and control arrangements have been established." – President Bush, Feb. 8, 2003, in a national radio address.

LIE #8: "Our conservative estimate is that Iraq today has a stockpile of between 100 and 500 tons of chemical weapons agent. That is enough to fill 16,000 battlefield rockets." – Secretary of State Colin Powell, Feb. 5 2003, in remarks to the UN Security Council.

LIE #9: "We know where [Iraq's WMD] are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south, and north somewhat." – Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, March 30, 2003, in statements to the press.

LIE #10: "Yes, we found a biological laboratory in Iraq which the UN prohibited." – President Bush in remarks in Poland, published internationally June 1, 2003.
The consequences of the war based on the lies?

  • Increasing hatred for the American forces in Iraq by ordinary Iraqis, with Americans still being killed after the war had ended. So far, at least 18 Americans killed since Bush declared victory in May, 2003. More dead American solders found. An American solder was shot in the head while buying digital video discs at a shop in Baghdad.

  • Americans getting ambushed in Iraq more frequently.

  • Sabotage of essential services continues almost daily.

  • Promised of an Iraqi self-government through a democratic process halted by American occupation authority, headed by Bremer. This is bound to escalate the violence and guerilla warfare against American soldiers.

  • Nelson Mandela may snub President Bush during his visit to Africa next month. Mandela had lambasted Bush for launching the war against Iraq without the support of the United Nations.

  • George Bush is now seen by most Iraqis being as good (or as bad) as Saddam Hussein.

  • The British Government and Tony Blair are now facing much more stringent inquiries and criticisms by the British Press and politicians for supporting its traditional ally in spreading the lies, including the infamous"45 minutes" attack by Iraq with WMD on Britain.

  • America's own values and its role in global affairs as a benign superpower being questioned by Americans themselves.

  • Trust in the US Presidency to tell the truth and in getting America to go to war is now being held in reserve by a growing skeptical American public. This is despite Bush saying that it was God who asked him to attack Iraq and Al-Qaeda. According to Palestinian PM Abbas, Bush said to him : "God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them."

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