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 Friday, June 20, 2003


Scanning..... Scanning....

    Want to know which are the Good News and Bad News Media Sources on the Middle East Issues ?.. ..A nileMedia Review Click HERE (NileMedia says " Our mission is to elevate the debate about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to a level that can withstand the light of day. Given the undeniable pro-Israeli slant that pervades the English language media, we feel the urgent need to remove the muzzle that has been placed on those of us who are Palestinian partisans. For the latest and most reliable news, we currently recommend the BBC and The Independent of London. " nileMedia suspended its on-line activities in November 2002 due to funding shortage. )

    Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times columnist, considered in US influential media circles as a journalistic sage, someone you refer to, on Middle East issues, confesses in an interview that "Israel was central to my life as it was to all my friends. Today I'm probably the only one of my friends who is still emotionally involved in Israel. "

    Read HERE Shahid Alam's article in Counterpunch " Illuminating Thomas Friedman." Can Friedman be considered scholarly in his sought-after views on Middle East issues which he writes for the New York Times, meant to educate the American public?


  • American soldiers in Iraq today make the astonishing admission that they regularly kill civilians. Read MORE

  • U.S. troops in volatile central Iraq say they are growing frustrated and disillusioned. Read MORE

  • A U.S. soldier accepts a cigarette pack from a smiling Iraqi man. It blows up in his face. A boy hands a sweating GI a can of soda. There's a grenade inside. Land mines are nestled in potholes along roads frequented by American convoys. Even dead dogs on the roadside are suspect. They might be booby-trapped to explode when Americans on clean-up duty scoop them up.Wherever they turn, it seems U.S. forces in Iraq are under threat. Read MORE

  • American intelligence analysts now believe that Saddam Hussein is much more likely to be alive, based on recent intercepted communications among fugitive members of the Saddam Fedayeen and the Iraqi intelligence service. Read MORE

  • US alarmed at the rising number of dead and wounded US troops in Iraq. Read MORE

  • Australian Andrew Wilkie, formerly with the Office of National Assessment, accused John Howard of repeating false claims about Iraq trying to buy uranium from Niger so that he could be a player on the world stage. Read MORE

  • According to current and former US intelligence analysts and government officials, the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans funneled information, unchallenged, from Ahmad Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress (INC) to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, who in turn passed it on to the White House, suggesting that Iraqis would welcome the American invaders. Read MORE

  • More than two months after the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime, Iraq is sinking deeper into chaos and insecurity, as US forces lash out at the Iraqi resistance, which is now killing an average of one American soldier a day. Read MORE

  • Do you want to know who the Americans running Iraq really are? They are not accountable to anyone, except President Bush and Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld. Their operations and decisions are not transparent to the world community or any world organisation. Read MORE

  • A Portuguese aid team plans to leave Iraq on Friday because the situation in the war-torn country is becoming increasingly dangerous. Attempted kidnappings of aid workers and theft of vehicles were becoming common in Iraq. Read MORE

  • Not content with the ultimate failures of the campaigns in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, of Somalia, and indeed even Afghanistan, the US has blindly embarked on a dangerous and unsound course of action. US forces are already launching operations suspiciously similar to the "search-and-destroy" tactics of 40 years ago and with a similar response from an increasingly hostile civilian population. Read MORE

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Iran was prepared to accept tight international oversight of its nuclear program. He also called for security guarantees to be given to North Korea to solve the deadlock over its nuclear activity. In his annual Kremlin news conference, Putin also said that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat must not be shut out of the Mideast peace process. Read MORE

  • The U.S. military will not proceed with criminal charges against two pilots who bombed and killed four Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. Read MORE


  • Sharon will render President Bush a pathetic, foolish and ridiculous figure for the entire world to see, a man allegedly the leader of the free world who in fact acts like a puppet on a string held by Sharon. Bush's only chance to salvage his reputation will be to stand up to Sharon and the Israeli lobby. He has no guts to do it. Read MORE

  • The most dangerous thing is that Israel is allowed to possess all kinds of weapons of mass destruction. Read MORE


  • A Boeing 727 jet that made an unauthorised take-off from Luanda airport three weeks ago may be in the hands of terrorists, United States officials say. The CIA has alerted operatives across Africa and asked countries in flying range of Angola to help in the search for the aircraft. Read MORE


  • The proposed sale of a fresh batch of F-16s by the United States to Pakistan could still trigger a new round of arms race in the sub-continent. Read MORE

  • North Korea has started building hundreds of market halls around the country to encourage private merchants, and has loosened rules about who may do business and what may be sold. Read MORE

  • US authorities have unofficially told their Japanese counterparts that North Korea already possesses several small nuclear warheads for ballistic missiles. It is the first confirmation that Pyongyang has nuclear missiles that can immediately strike Japan. Read MORE

  • A Beijing newspaper has been shut down after printing an article that criticised the Chinese parliament as amateurish. Beijing Xinbao was shut down after the publication of its June 4 issue, which carried the article. Read MORE

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