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 Monday, June 30, 2003

  Update: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict... scanning.... scanning....

  • Israel violated international law according to The Associate Press investigation. Israel's Shin Bet agency has held Palestinian prisoners incommunicado for weeks at a time at a secret detention center. Prisoners say they are blindfolded and kept in black, windowless cells. When they ask where they are, they are told: "On the moon." The state's attorney confirmed the existence of the center, known as facility 1391. Read MORE

  • The Israeli Government is funding t he establishment of illegal settlements in the West Bank according to a report on Israeli private television. The funds for setting up a number of the illegal outposts have been channelled through a branch of the quasi-governmental Jewish Agency Israel had promised to dismantle unofficial settlements in the West Bank as part of the US-backed "road map" to peace. Read MORE

  • Israeli authorities are using non-military means to ethnic cleanse East Jerusalem. Palestinians make up over 50 per cent of East Jerusalems population but now live in an estimated seven per cent of the area. This is largely because huge swathes of land have been confiscated by the Israelis. However, the high cost of building permits also causes difficulties, as most Palestinians cannot afford them. People subsequently build homes illegally, which almost inevitably leads to them being demolished by Israeli forces. Read MORE

  • Christians, mainly belonging to America's evangelical Protestant churches, are helping Israeli settlers to claim Palestinian lands which Palestinians are claiming for their Palestinian state.
    " .... In May, an evangelical organization called the Jerusalem Prayer Team, led by 300 American church leaders, including Robertson and Falwell, set up an "Adopt a Settler'' pledge drive. It aims to give $55 each to 14,000 settlers. Read MORE

    The Israeli prosecution acquitted the driver of the bulldozer that mowed down Rachel Corrie, saying the driver “did not see” Corrie.

    Corrie's parents urged the supporters of the Palestinian cause worldwide to boycott the U.S. Caterpillar construction company, which razes Palestinian land, demolishes houses and build the separating wall between the West Bank and Israel. The chairman and co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) Adam Shapiro said a new
    pro-Palestinians organization would carry Rachel Corrie's name. Read MORE.

    Israeli soldiers beating health workers who were helping an injured Palestinian.

    Most newspapers don't mention the daily death toll in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). The regularity of the death toll indicates that this is something that the Israeli Defence Force may be exploiting on purpose.

    The statistics reveal that some very sinister and criminal acts are perpetrated against the Palestinians regularly, and it is a chronic condition. Read More

    The graphs below give a clearer picture of what is happening on the ground in the current conflict:

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