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 Wednesday, June 18, 2003

  Update Saving Private Jessica Lynch
- Washington Post Attempts to Tell the Full Story

Washington Post has now decided to pick up the full story ( a long story) published on June 17, 2003 of what happened to Private Jessica Lynch from the time of the fire-fight, the capture, and as prisoner during her stay at the Nassariyah hospital.

Read HERE this full article by Dana Priest, William Booth and Susan Schmidt "Broken Body, a Broken Story, Pieced Together "

Washington Post admitted now there were doubts on initial reports on the Lynch story when they first broke out:

" including those in The Washington Post, which cited unnamed U.S. officials with access to intelligence reports, described Lynch emptying her M-16 into Iraqi soldiers...... It became the story of the war, boosting morale at home and among the troops. It was irresistible and cinematic, the maintenance clerk turned woman-warrior from the hollows of West Virginia who just wouldn't quit. Hollywood promised to make a movie and the media, too, were hungry for heroes."

There is a preamble to the present second story as reported :
Lynch's story is far more complex and different than those initial reports. Much of the story remains shrouded in mystery, in large part because of official Army secrecy, concerns for Lynch's privacy and her limited memory.

The Post interviewed dozens of people, including associates of Lynch's family in West Virginia; Iraqi doctors, nurses and civilian witnesses in Nasiriyah; and U.S. intelligence and military officials in Washington, three of whom have knowledge of a weeks-long Army investigation into the matter.

The result is a second, more thorough but inconclusive cut at history. While much more is revealed about her ordeal, most U.S. officials still insisted that their names be withheld from this account.

One sensed a kind of reluctance in the report by Washington Post to categorically accept the veracity of the versions given by the Iraqi hospital staff in Nassariyah where Lynch was treated. The Iraqi medical staff's versions had been reported initially by BBC and other news media outside the US. Nonetheless, the reporters are credited for going to Iraq to interview the Iraqi medical staff for this article.

The article also added:
Jessica Lynch remains in a private room in Walter Reed Army Medical Center, her door guarded by a military police officer. Her father, Greg Lynch Sr rarely leaves her side, except to sleep at night. Lynch has been in the hospital now for 67 days. Her physical condition remains severe. But she also appears to suffer from wounds that cannot be seen -- and the story of her capture and rescue remains only partly told.

Her family says she doesn't remember anything about her capture. U.S. military sources say she is unable -- or unwilling -- to say much about anything that happened to her between the morning her Army unit was ambushed and when she became fully conscious sometime later at Saddam Hussein General Hospital in Nasiriyah, Iraq.

Only Private Jessica Lynch will know the full truth of what happened to her. Others may want to dramatize, embellish , romanticize or shroud it with mystery for maximum Hollywood effect.

Most reporters just want the cold facts of the case to be put on the table for the public and to let the story be told as it actually happened , minus the Hollywood crap.

Will she talk? As of now, it is a 64-dollar question. But we shall join hands with her family to wish her a quick and safe recovery to the best of health.

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