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 Monday, August 16, 2004

  McGreevey Scandal: Israeli Underground Intelligence Connection ?

Background of the McGreevey Scandal...Read here for more

New Jersey Democratic Gov. James E. McGreevey admitted on Thursday Augst 12, 2004, his homosexuality and an extramarital affair with a man. Two sources close to McGreevey identified his former aide Golan Cipel, an Israeli national, as the unnamed man with whom the governor, acknowledged having an affair. He announced his resignation as Governor of New Jersey.

Cipel met McGreevey in 2000 during a trip to Israel and then worked on the governor's 2001 campaign.

He became McGreevey's hand-picked homeland security adviser with a $110,000 annual salary but was unable to get federal security clearances because he was not a U.S. citizen.

McGreevey eventually moved Cipel out of that job but kept him on the payroll as an adviser.

In an unusual move, Cipel attended at least one cabinet meeting, which disturbed some cabinet members and advisers, the senior administration source said.

McGreevey plans to remain in office until Nov. 15, when Senate President Richard J. Codey will become acting governor until the term expires in January 2006.

The Israeli Underground Intelligence Connection in the Scandal
Read here full article by Wayne Madsen
Wayne Madsen is the author of the forthcoming book: Jaded Tasks: Big Oil, Black Ops, and Brass Plates. He was with the National Security Agency during the Reagan administration and is a native of New Jersey.

Another political bombshell hits the American people ..... yet another connection to the subterranean labyrinth of possible Israeli intelligence activities.

New Jersey Democratic Governor Jim McGreevey's involvement in a gay relationship with an Israeli national may be the tip of an iceberg that represents another high-level Israeli attempt to burrow into the most sensitive areas of U.S. national security and our political process.

The ties between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Russian-mafia infused government and shadowy Israeli and Eastern European ex-intelligence agents are beyond a doubt, according to international law enforcement officials.

But what is not readily apparent is the fact that a number of Israeli off-the-books intelligence operatives are active inside the United States and they do not have U.S. national interests in mind.

In particular, the Israeli-Russian mobsters and their allies within the Sharon government have adopted one of the most successful intelligence ploys used by the former KGB and East German Stasi--the use of prostitutes or "swallows" to gain intimate access to high Western politicians, so-called "sexpionage."

In the case of Israel, which welcomed a number of émigré former Eastern bloc intelligence agents during and after the Cold War, this has entailed the use of both female and male prostitutes.

The fact that White House chief dirty tricks operator Karl Rove has close connections to the political spin machine run out of Sharon's Jerusalem office is also a concern when it comes to Israeli-connected dirty tricks operations being run against Democratic politicians in the United States.

Jim McGreevey was a rising star in Democratic politics. As Mayor of Woodbridge, a New York City commuter suburb, McGreevey decided to opt for statewide political office.

At the same time he appeared on the Israeli intelligence radar screens.

McGreevey's admitted lifelong homosexuality also made him a likely target for an intelligence approach.

In 2000, Mayor McGreevey joined a large delegation of New Jersey Jewish supporters in a political "mega pilgrimage" to Israel, where he met Golan Cipel, said to be a tour guide/information officer for the mayor of the Tel Aviv suburb of Rishon Le-Zion, the first Zionist settlement in Palestine.

Who is Golan Cipel?

Cipel had previously been the press secretary for the Israeli consulate general in New York City. He was also a former Israeli naval officer, leaving the service with the rank of lieutenant. He was also described as a one-time low-level Israeli government employee in New York and a "poet."

Cipel was a 1998 graduate of the New York Institute of Technology and the New York Israeli consulate's press spokesman. He was more than familiar with north Jersey's political and social terrain.

In 1995, Cipel and future Washington Times reporter Joshua Mitnick edited an Israeli consulate news wire called "Israel Line."

In 1999, Cipel gave a speech on behalf of the Israeli government at a meeting at the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Madison Avenue offices on some very high profile issues, including the implications of the recent death of King Hussein of Jordan, the upcoming Israeli elections, and the peace process with the Palestinian Authority.

How a person goes from an influential position with one of the most important Israeli diplomatic missions abroad to a mere Jerusalem area tour guide seems, on the surface, extraordinary.

But in the world of intelligence, such career changes are driven by political necessity, not by choice.

Charles Kushner as Cipel's Intermediary to McGreevey

After McGreevey returned to New Jersey from Israel in 2000, Cipel also moved to Iselin, New Jersey.

He was hired by Charles Kushner, an American Jewish billionaire Florham Park land developer and Democratic fundraiser who became the source for $250,000 for McGreevey's campaign for the governor's mansion.

Kushner was recently indicted on federal charges of corruption involving a land deal and illegal campaign contributions.

Kushner sponsored Cipel for a temporary work visa.

As governor, McGreevey named Kushner to the board of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the original owners of the World Trade Center.

Cipel became one of McGreevey's campaign advisers after McGreevey announced his candidacy for the governorship.

During 2001, in his role as McGreevey's Jewish liaison adviser, Cipel received another temporary work visa sponsored by the New Jersey State Democratic Committee.

Cipel Appointed as Homeland Security Adviser for New Jersey

  • After McGreevey's election, Cipel was named homeland security director for New Jersey, a $110,000 per year job.
  • New Jersey sponsored Cipel for yet another temporary work visa just four months after a number of Israelis were rounded up and arrested by New Jersey police and Federal agents for photographing and celebrating the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11.
  • Cipel, who had no verifiable security experience, was touted by McGreevey's administration as having gained his anti-terrorist credentials as a member of the Israeli Defense Force.
  • But an Israeli military expert told the Bridgewater, New Jersey Courier News that Cipel's military record was "routine, at best."
  • In addition, Kathryn Flicker, an assistant attorney general for New Jersey, was appointed by McGreevey to head of the state counter-terrorism office but only after Cipel was strangely named as a parallel counter-terrorism official.
  • Both Republican and Democratic New Jersey legislators complained about Cipel's lack of qualifications.The Federal government refused to grant him a security clearance because he was an Israeli national and not a U.S. citizen. Cipel left his position as homeland security czar.

Cipel then took up his previous campaign job as McGreevey's Jewish affairs adviser and special counsel at the same $110,000 salary. Inexplicably, Cipel maintained a staff of three assistants for a staff job that had no real responsibilities.

McGreevey had also considered appointing Cipel as the Executive Director of the New Jersey-Israel Commission, created in 1989 to science and technology trade between Israel and New Jersey and which maintains an office in Raanana, Israel.

Eventually, Andrea Yonah, an Israeli-U.S. citizen,Yonah had been product marketing director for Princeton eCom, a software company that provides billing software for various Fortune 500 companies, including telecommunications firms like AT&T.

US Billing Companies and Israeli Spies/Arts Students: During a 2000-2001 Drug Enforcement Administration investigation of Israeli art students who were working illegally in the United States and who were suspected of being espionage agents, links were discovered between them and Israeli companies that also provided billing and other services for elecommunications companies, including AMDOCS -- which had a relationship with Nextel -- and Comverse Infosys.

McGreevey's office stated that the trip was canceled after the State Department informed they had concerns over unspecified "hostilities" in the Middle East.

It was apparent that someone wanted to clamp down any speculation about McGreevey's ties with Cipel and scuttle a potentially politically embarrassing trip to Israel.

  • Cipel soon resigned from the New Jersey state government and took a job with MWW Group,as the head of its New York-based Israeli division. MWW is a public relations firm close to McGreevey.
  • After a month at MWW, Cipel left to join the Trenton lobbying firm, State Street Partners.
  • After only a few months there, Cipel went back to work for Kushner.

After Kushner's federal indictment, rumors surrounding McGreevey's connection to Kushner began to swirl around the state capital.

Press Coverage of Golan Cipel's Identity

After the McGreevey scandal broke, the neo-conservative World Net Daily, in an August 13 report, merely referred to Cipel as "Middle Eastern born," without any reference to his being an Israeli national.

Yael Kohen, writing in the neo-conservative New York Sun, merely referred to Cipel as an "Israeli poet."

An editorial in the same August 13 edition of the Sun condemning McGreevey did not once mention that Cipel was an Israeli.

An aide to McGreevey said Cipel threatened the legal action unless McGreevey paid the Israeli millions of dollars--an act the aide called "extortion."

There may be good reasons why the neo-conservatives want to play down Cipel's Israeli roots--McGreevey may have been set up in an attempt to ruin him and influence the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

When foreign nations are found to be influencing American politics, there is an almost uniform tendency for the American people to react negatively to such meddling.

One must merely recall the wailing and crying raised over alleged Chinese political contributions to Democrats and Republicans during the Clinton administration.

New Jersey was considered a swing state by the Bush campaign early in the campaign cycle.

As John Kerry leaped to a double-digit lead over Bush in the Garden State, the rumors surrounding McGreevey and Kushner were unleashed.

Republicans in New Jersey are not happy that McGreevey is not resigning until November 15. The tactic of the Republicans was to make McGreevey's sexual orientation a campaign issue in order to get out the conservative vote on Election Day in a gambit to increase the right-wing fundamentalist voter turnout for George Bush and appeal to anti-gay conservative Democrats in the state.

No sooner had McGreevey announced his resignation, right-wing talk show hosts were demanding he resign immediately.

McGreevey deserves condemnation for allowing his relationship with a foreign national gay partner to influence his decisions and cloud his judgment on important matters dealing with the security of New Jersey during a time of increasing terror threats.

He should also be praised for NOT succumbing to Republican pressure to resign immediately and permit Karl Rove's dirty trick machine to use this tragedy to influence New Jersey's 15 electoral votes in November.

Read HERE article by Justin Raimondo, "How did Golan Cipel become New Jersey's 'anti-terrorism' czar? "

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