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 Thursday, August 26, 2004


US Presidential Election Campaign Turns Dirty and Ugly

Read here article posted by Shane Cory "Swift Boat Veterans Continue to Sail a Ship of Lies" in The Washington Despatch

The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth led by attorney and Kerry-hater, John O'Neill continue to be at the forefront of an election-year media storm.

The Washington Post revealed today that a top attorney to the Bush campaign, Benjamin Ginsberg, has been advising the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. They point out that other attorneys serve both Kerry's campaign and left-leaning 527 groups.

Regardless of their ties to the Bush administration, the SwiftVets continue to be discredited as the weeks roll on.

Contradictions have arisen regarding the medals received by others during the same firefights in which Kerry was honored.

  • Additionally positive fitness reports for Kerry, written decades ago, run counter to some of the SwiftVets own stories which they now tell.
  • It should be noted that of the 250 plus members of the SwiftVets, only one served on a boat with John Kerry. This man, Steve Gardner, was berated by Kerry after firing into a Sampan which resulted in the death of a young boy.
  • The majority of the other SwiftVets are upset with John Kerry's anti-war actions after his return from Vietnam.
  • In an ironic twist and a blow to all Vietnam era veterans, SwiftVets now say of the veteran and presidential candidate that "the only baby killer I knew in Vietnam was John F. Kerry."

Regardless of the holes in the SwiftVets' boat, they continue to press on and request that John Kerry reveal all of his personal medical files by signing DoD Form 180.

Note that the group is not requesting that George Bush sign the same form or even prove his whereabouts during a significant period of time during the Vietnam war.

John O'Neill, one of the leaders of the SwiftVets and co-author of a semi-fictional Kerry bashing book was not even in country at the same time as John Kerry during Vietnam.

His hatred of Kerry began after he was tapped by the Nixon administration to start a group counter to the Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

Kerry and O'Neill debated on national television in 1971. Kerry handily won the debate and O'Neill's embarrassment in failure may have driven him to start his lifelong campaign against Kerry.

John O'Neill's book has a deal with Regnery Publishing in the coming weeks. Regnery is owned by Eagle Publishing which also owns the right-leaning publication Human Events that has promoted the book heavily.

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