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 Wednesday, May 11, 2005

American Security and Military Computer Systems Got Hacked

  May 11, 2005

Read here full article by Julian Borger in The Guardian

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Edited article from Julian Borger

A daring internet attack was made that penetrated thousands of computer systems in the US, including military and NASA websites.

The FBI reported a 16- year old Swedish teenager is being questioned on the internet attack which began a year ago.

  • The intruder, codenamed Stakkato, breached security at Cisco Systems, a producer of computer networking equipment, and stole programming instructions for many of the routers and switches that serve as conduits for the internet.

  • Through a high-speed network called the TeraGrid, which connects several US supercomputer laboratories, the intruder stole passwords to infiltrate websites of military bases and NASA.

  • A missile base at White Sands in New Mexico acknowledged its computer system had been compromised/

  • NASA's jet propulsion laboratory in Pasadena, California, was also targeted.

    According to the New York Times, the attack was launched from the University of Uppsala in Sweden. A search for accomplices in Britain and elsewhere in Europe is being undertaken.

    Investigators believe Stakkato wanted to brag about the stolen passwords in chatrooms. But other hackers may have more dangerous motives.

    According to Alan Paller, the director of research at the SANS Institute, a cyber security training organisation,"If you find a kid who has done this, there will be people with economic and military motives who have done it and are not bragging."

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