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 Sunday, July 17, 2005

American Taxpayers Footing Israel's Withdrawal From Gaza


Charley Reese

Image hosted by Charley Reese has been a journalist for 49 years, reporting on everything from sports to politics. From 1969-71, he worked as a campaign staffer for gubernatorial, senatorial and congressional races in several states. He was an editor, assistant to the publisher, and columnist for the Orlando Sentinel from 1971 to 2001. He now writes a syndicated column three times a week for King Features Reese served two years active duty in the U.S. Army as a tank gunner. Charley Reese's original articles are found here and here

July 16, 2005

The state of Israel – which, the last time I checked, was both a foreign and a sovereign nation – wants the American taxpayers to cough up $2.2 billion in addition to our regular $3 billion-or-so annual subsidy to pay for the withdrawal from Gaza.

American taxpayers will be paying out of their pockets about $227,000 per Jewish settler.

Unless the American people raise hell about this, it's a done deal.

In Washington, whatever Israel wants, Israel gets.

Nevertheless, there are several reasons why the American people should rebel at the latest brazen attack on our treasury by Israel and its American supporters.

First, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon decided unilaterally to withdraw from Gaza. This was in lieu of following the president's peace plan, which Sharon has ignored from the very beginning.

Where is it written, on stone or parchment or paper, that the head of a foreign government can decide to do something unilaterally and automatically send the bill to the American taxpayers?

We will derive NO benefits at all from the withdrawal.

Furthermore, Sharon's adviser spilled the beans in an Israeli newspaper interview. The withdrawal from Gaza is not part of any peace plan. It was just an excuse to put off serious peace negotiations. Sharon will remove about 8,000 settlers from Gaza who are a pain in the government's rear end anyway, shut down four tiny settlements on the West Bank, and that's it. As Sharon's adviser admitted, there won't be any serious negotiations with the Palestinians until they "turn into Finns."

A normal president would view Sharon's actions as unacceptable and his casual expectation that we would pay for it as a personal insult.

President George Bush, however, when it comes to Israel, is just like Congress – a candy-bottom.

That's why, despite all of our problems, all of our deficits, all of our debts, the U.S. government has gifted Israel with more than $90 billion in recent decades.

If Washington gives in, we taxpayers will be spending about $227,000 per Jewish settler. That's a sporty moving expense.

We paid for the Camp David peace treaty in the 1970s – some $4 billion to Israel to get out of Egyptian territory it had no business occupying in the first place.

And as part of that deal, apparently we've been paying Egypt an annual bribe of $2 billion or so a year for having signed the peace treaty.

The proper American attitude should be:

"We think, Israel, it is in your interests to make peace with your Arab neighbors.

That's your decision, however; if you would prefer to remain at war, that's OK with us, because either way – peace or war – we aren't going to pay for it."

As for those Christian cultists who take one verse out of a very large Jewish Bible and claim that it binds us to help Israel, I would just say that if you believe God wishes modern Zionists to occupy modern Palestine, let Him pay for it.

When did we get appointed fiscal agent for Almighty God?

And when did God ever need anybody's help to do whatever he wanted to do?

And where is it written in the Constitution that Congress can tax the American people and hand the money out as a gift to foreign countries?
It's been said of the suicide bombers that they hate us more than they love life.

Well, the American people are going to have to teach their congressional representatives and senators to fear them more than they fear the Israeli lobby, or the American people will continue to be not only taxed unjustly, but dragged into Israel's quarrels in the Middle East.

I always add (not that it does any good as far as hostile reactions from the Israel First crowd are concerned) that the Israeli lobby has every right to ask for anything it wants.

The fault is not with the lobby; it's with the congressional representatives and senators who betray their oath of office and betray you in order to placate a lobby that has shown itself to be not only effective but vindictive.

But, hey, it's your country.

If you wish to allow some weak-willed politicians to lay it to waste and destroy the future for your children and grandchildren, that's your decision.

But I'm a strong believer that even people who wish to commit suicide should know what they are doing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, speaking against Israel or its policies, no matter how evil they are, we will be labelled as anti-semites. Fucking Zionists! Hitler was right, these fucking Jews are a cancer to the planet and should be destroyed.

4:13 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The author is speaking against the United States policies as they relate to Israel. Do you know the difference?

Retaining our nation's own sovereignty and looking out for AMERICA'S interest is an obligation of every citizen. Our representatives SWEAR they will do this, and they need to now back that up with difficult policy decisions that go against existing (and increasingly active) Jewish lobbies. This is not anti-semitic to take the interests of your own people over the interests of allies, it is part of the difficult job of being a politician.

What is particularly distressing is that these lobbying efforts were initially funded by grants given by the US (for legitimate strategic US interests) that were diverted to essentially fund lobbying efforts for further grants. In a vicious cycle, for each payment made by the US to Israel a great percentage of the money is used to convince Congress to pay for withdrawals, fund war efforts, etc. regardless of the negative impact on Americans. In this context, Congress needs to recognize their simple duty to honor their own constituents and Constitutional obligations, even though this might possibly not directly serve an important ally's desires (or needs).

They can personally contribute if they see fit. They can even get on the bandwagon and try to publicly convince others to volunteer contributions. But through the IRS they are essential taking money from Americans at gunpoint to give to others. As Mr. Reese points out above, this is patently unconstitutional.

4:44 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up?

Can I steal some land and get paid for it too? Are there any other requirements? Do I have to cut down someone's orchards? Bulldoze some neighboring homes? Drive a D-9 over little American girls? Poison some wells? Shoot the neighbors kids? Put the former owners in concentration camps? Smear them all as terrorists? Will I need to be condemned by dozens of UN resolutions to receive this payola? I'll happily violate anyone's human rights for a cool million. I want more details! I want to get rich and have Uncle Sam foot the bill!!!

5:35 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed the eerie similiarty between Ariel Sharon and familiar depictions of satyrs? Take a picture of Sharon, and give him two little horns coming out of his forehead and a forked tongue--I wouldn't be surprised if he has hooves inside those shoes instead of human feet. The whole Bush administration also resembles a pantheon of arch-villains. Madmen are in control of this planet.

7:22 AM
Anonymous Dr. Cruel said...

Never have I heard the genocidal anti-Semitism of the Left posted so eloquently. It's quite touching.

You'll be happy to know that Likud is not all that keen on the settlers being moved, either. The PLO is in favour, however - just goes to show that, if you can kill enough kids and old ladies on busses, you'll eventually get your way.


7:43 AM
Anonymous Anti-Jewite said...

Of course Hitler was right! The Germans of the 1930's knew better than anyone that the scheming, parasitic Jew's chutzpah knows no limits!

Americans will never rid themselves of these leeches until they reclaim ownership of their mass meadia and means of entertainment. I'm talking CONFISCATION. After all if they can go into other people's nations, steal their land and murder anyone who complains, we can confiscate their propaganda machinery and their culture destruction apparatus.

Don't like it? Drop dead.

9:51 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slaves to the jews
Rothshield issue dollars out of thin air and borrowed it to you
your technology was stolen and sold to the chinese be the jews
Sharon ordered you to attack Iraq and wants to you do the same to Iran
Hollywood entertains you while all this going on
9-11 was masterminded and executed by Dich Cheney the top slavve to Israel in order to justify the middle east invasion
your freedom has been curtailed
yet Bush the bisggest and shameless pathological liar
tells you OBL and Zarqawi did the unbelievable
Iraqis people have never seen or met with Zarqawi and have never heard any Iraqi claim to have seen or met Zarqawi
Zarqawi exit in western media OBL passed away three and a half years ago
200 000 iraqi masscred by the invasion and yet Bush tells you thing are going well in Iraq
those congressman you elected fear mentioning Israel negatively
Israel has a monument for the Hollocoast in your own country where million were lead to believe 6000 000 million were killed by the Nazi
that is 3 person killed every second 24 hrs a day for four non stop yrs while germany manage to allegedly kill 3 jews every second they were also fighting 4 most powerful armies of the time and several other front worldwide do your math logic is logical and math is the mist logic for measurement
The biggest running lie in human history
truth can't be burried more than 75 yrs
truth has its own soul and will emerge eventually
I assume you will wait another 15 yrs while Israel AIPAC ADL JINSA rapes your technology your economy your treasury and your soul
america prefer to have the whole moslem world as an enemy for the sake of israel
even some of European country have become agitated to your blindness

Bush is a liar and No 1 war criminal and his best friends are Sharon and blair war criminal
your media won't tell this but the world knows it except you gullible

10:53 AM
Anonymous mondo said...

One of the "anonymous" comments above joked about "signing up" to be a settler. Do you know that 80% of these so-called "settler's" are really jews from New York? This without a doubt, an ongoing undercover AIPAC operation.
For a great documentary on these New York "settler's" moving to Gaza to live in trailers and get paid millions from US taxpayer's to terrorize Palestinians, check out this PBS Frontline documentary that aired May 2005.

By the way, did you know that it's been confirmed that Bin Netanyahu DID receive prior warning of the London bombings? It's true. Also a new shocker, Netanyahu and Giuliani coincidentally happened to be in the same hotel the morning of 7-7!! Hmmmm.

Israeli's are now linking the London bomber to a suicide attack in Gaza in 2003.

If you read past the headline, you'll read that the Israeli's claim to know what kind of explosives the UK bombers used, even though Scotland Yard has changed it's story three times and still has not reported the definitive answer. First, the media reported military explosives on a timer were used, now they tell us in theUK papers that the bombers had homemade explosives made with peroxide, after-shave, and cologne!,12977,1532306,00.html
HAHAHA! And I thought the Brit's were smarter than us...

By the way, Giuliani, and his company Giuliani Partners Security, has been further linked to the security company teams that were conducting "terrorist bombing exercises" that same morning in the same Tube station locations, at the same time as the actual attacks. Now what are the chances of one man being so close to BOTH the 9-11, and London Al Qaeda attacks.

I say this was a state sponsored attack perpetrated by the shadow NWO government behind the G8. Don't forget this happened last year at the G8 as well...Istanbul. Look at who benifits... Israel just moved 20,000 troops into Gaza and have begun nightly bombing runs. A perfect Psy-Ops set up to quiet critics. Bush is pushing the Patriot Act. Blair the Real ID Act. War on Terror. Troop withdrawal, record low polls on both Bush and Blair, etc, etc.

11:51 AM
Anonymous mondo said...

Netanyahu/Giuliani -Same London Hotel on 7/7

"...Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been on his way to a London hotel near the scene of one of the four blasts that ripped through the city today, said Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom. Netanyahu was the scheduled keynote speaker at an Israeli corporate investment conference at the Great Eastern hotel near the Liverpool Street subway station..."

And Rudi:

July 8, 2005 - "...Giuliani was having breakfast at the Great Eastern Hotel a half block from the Liverpool Street Station in Central London, when he heard an explosion, according to his spokeswoman Sunny Mindel..."

12:18 PM
Anonymous cocerned for our minds said...

I am really dismayed by these comments here about Jewish people. Remember, Jesus was Jewish. All these sentiments against Islam and now the Jewish, its sickening.

I definately odn't agree with Sharon who seems to be playing both sides. I wish so much for peace in the Middle East, and the rest of the world. We need more prayers than scourns. Please, do not be blinded to hate everyone due to these things.

We as peole are allowing our minds to become terrorists. I am very terrified by the anti Jewish comments on here, not the site but the comments. Hitler was not right, never was, never will be. There is nothing right with him. Also, his movement didn't just take out the Jewish. It was all "defects" including mentally and physically disabled and not blonde with blue eyes. Even if your grandparents were Jewish and you weren't, you were still killed.

have mercy on others. If you odn't, how on Earth do you expect others to have mercy and compassion upon you?

I truly hope none of these anti Jewish comments wree from chrsitians. If so, please examine yourselves and your faith and God.

This is truly sad some of these comments are. Truly pathetic and wrong and evil. And, no I'm not tlaking about Jewish people but the blind ignorance displayed here. I will pray for the two people who did those horrible comments.

3:43 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

go to hell. =D

5:23 PM
Blogger jayjg said...

Even Jesus Christ himself could not satisfy the Jews. The US Congress can't do it either.

Stop US funding of the Israeli occupation!!!!

Stop importing the Jew-Muslim war into the USA!!!

Let's care about the USA first, not Jews or Muslims, they can both leave if they don't like it.

3:18 AM
Anonymous Rocco said...

The only thing I hate worse than slimy zionists are the ignorant rightwing trolls that blindly support Israel no matter what.

This is nothing more than an Ariel Sharon diversion. This "pullout" is really just a scam all the way around. For all of us in the USA, we get to pay our taxes to a bunch of murdering rapists, and for the millions of Palestinians, they have to get gassed, shot, arrested, homes destroyed, humiliated and harrassed at checkpoints, along with a ton of other fun just so Sharon and his satanist thugs get to pullout a few hundred violent extremist thugs. Most "settlers" are nothing more than radicalized Amerikan Zionist Kikes. We should send the UN over there and arrest all these "settlers" and then finish the job... Gas 'em!

1:34 PM
Anonymous Rocco said...

And for all you jew lover apologists on here, I suggest you check it at the door. We're talking about zionist jews. Those pieces of shit need to die horrible deaths.

Peaceful regular jews(torah) are cool.

1:38 PM

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