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 Friday, July 08, 2005

London Explosion: The Time Line



  • Al-Jazeera reports:"MSNBC TV translator Jacob Keryakes said that the statement in which the group claimed responsibility for the attacks contained an error in one of the Qura’nic verses it cited. That suggests that the claim is phony, he said. "This is NOT something Al Qaeda would do," he said. A group calling itself "The Secret Organization of Al Qaeda in Europe" posted a statement on an internet site, claiming responsibility for the deadly attacks that hit London on Thursday.

  • Unconfirmed rumors in intelligence circles indicate that the Israeli government actually warned London of the attacks “a couple of days” previous. Israel has apparently given other warnings about possible attacks that turned out to be aborted operations. The British government did not want to disrupt the G-8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, or call off visits by foreign dignitaries to London, hoping this would be another false alarm.The British government sat on this information for days and failed to respond. Though the Israeli government is playing along publicly, it may not stay quiet for long. This is sure to apply pressure on Blair very soon for his failure to deter this major terrorist attack. Read here for more

  • London Terror Mystery :What did Netanyahu know –and when did he know it? "...the idea that Israeli Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have had advance warning of the attacks isn't all that improbable. Israel, after all, depends for its survival on the ability of its intelligence services to track Osama bin Laden and his allies worldwide. However, the decision to share that intelligence with Israel's ostensible allies in the "war on terrorism" cannot be taken for granted; and surely the choice not to do so, in the case of both New York and London, can be easily understood in terms of Israeli interests. Who benefits from the London attacks, aside from the obvious candidate, which is bin Laden? "... Read here for more

Emergency Hotline: 0870 1566 344

Reuters reports Number dead reached 50 and another 50 seriously injured

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Read here for more in article by Mark Oliver

July 7, 2005

Police confirmed there were FOUR blasts.

Three of the blasts were on tube trains and a fourth was on a bus.

Explosives were said to have been found at two blast sites.

8.56am - Between King's Cross and Russell Square stations

The attack with the highest confirmed death toll today was the one on a tube train travelling between King's Cross and Russell Square on the Piccadilly line, in which police said 21 people had died.

9.17am - Edgware Road station

Police confirmed five people died after an explosion ripped through an underground train as it was around 100 metres from arriving at Edgware Road station.

The blast blew through a wall onto another train on an adjoining platform and in total three trains were affected.

The train was heading towards Paddington when the explosion occurred. Survivors spoke of being deafened by the blast.

8.51am - Between Aldgate East and Liverpool Street stations

Police said seven people died in a blast on a tube train as it travelled between the Liverpool Street and Aldgate East stations, which are both in the capital's financial district.

Loyita Worley, 49, was on the train when the explosion went off in a nearby carriage and said the carriage that was hit was torn from "floor to ceiling".

This attack was the first to be reported, with police being alerted to an explosion at Liverpool Street at 8.49am.

Initially it was thought that there had been separate incidents at the two stations as well as nearby Moorgate, before it became clear it happened in the tunnel between stations.

The first reports said the explosion was caused by a power problem.

9.47am - Tavistock Place, near Russell Square

A red double-decker bus exploded near Russell Square, leaving the whole of the vehicle's top floor a mangled mess, open to the sky.

Early unconfirmed reports said there were at least two dead. Reports said some of the injured had lost limbs.

The explosion went off as the bus was in Upper Woburn Square on the junction with Tavistock Place.

The Metropolitan police commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, said a bomb had exploded on the back of the top deck. He would not comment on whether the blast was caused by a suicide bomber.

Debris littered the street and the facade of a nearby building was blackened and scarred by shrapnel.

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