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 Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dear Abby: Do Israelis have Christians in their Government?


Terry Thurber

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Dear Abby:

With all the focus on the outing of [at least one] CIA agents in the news pointing to Libby and Ledeen, our Vice President’s advisors, and the NYT reporter, Judith Miller, I have noticed many stories that [anecdotally] indicated these persons are [also] Jewish.

Now don’t get me wrong, many close to me are Jewish, but few of them would fabricate stories that would attempt to bring harm to someone or draw the nation into a war that has killed thousands of Americans and Iraqis.

But, this story perked my interest as to the make up of our government based on religious affiliations.

I have read that the Clinton White House staff enjoyed a 55% Jewish ratio, while our current White House only enjoys a 35% Jewish staff.

I also learned than many private employment agencies in DC specialize in the placement of Jewish prospects.

I have not learned of any agencies that specialize in placing Christians in our government. Of course, that does not mean there are none.

It is disturbing, however, to think that most of the 98% of Americans that do not practice the teachings of Judaism, are too incompetent or simple minded to participate in the decisions of our government at a ratio that more honestly expresses the demographics of our great country

I [also] learned that John Negroponte, our previous ambassador to the UN when Iraq was invaded, is Jewish. I have learned that the Honduran Commission on Human Rights has a complaint against Mr. Negroponte.

It is strange that our nation would have an alleged human rights violator as a UN Ambassador.

It is [equally] strange that Negroponte, as well as Paul Bremer (both Jewish) would be placed in positions of authority in Iraq, especially given the sensitivities of Arabs to the Zionist State when it seems their trust for what our government is doing is so critical.

I also note that under Bremer and Negroponte, almost 10 Billion dollars, belonging to US taxpayers, seems ‘lost’ to embezzlement; and that Israel, of all countries, is now in the oil business inside the borders of Iraq.

If we look at other cabinet positions in the US government we see that Jews have served us proudly, many times in the past, in positions as critical as the Secretary of Defense.

But, there is also concern, as many have described, regarding the heavy weighting of Jewish participation in the so-called neo-con group at the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans.

The OSP gave America the PNAC treatise, the invasion of Iraq, and a beating of the drums to invade Iran.

And now we learn that a government official in the OSP, Larry Franklin, and two executives of the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, have been indicted for espionage, against the US, on behalf of Israel.

However, is has been difficult to get a read on Christian participation in the government of Israel. I cannot find information that breaks down high level advisors to Israel’s government or cabinet positions or ambassadorships, based on religious affiliations.

It would be very easy to accept that Israel, a nation with the highest regard for American interests, a nation that [also] enjoys a very special fiduciary relation with the US taxpayer, would [also] place Christians (the de facto state religion of the US) in high and important positions (in the Israeli government) at least at a ratio that is par with the Jewish representation America enjoys in the US government. But alas, that information is difficult to locate.

So, Abby, are Christians in high level positions in the government of Israel?



Dear Confused,

These are trying times and we are all struggling to understand how to make the world safer.

The short answer is “No”.

Christians do not participate [directly] at the policy level of the Israeli government.

However you might find it comforting to know many of our Christian representatives in congress, at least as a measure of acceptance of political contributions from AIPAC, might, be it ever so indirectly, work “for” the government of Israel.

Confused, I hope this helps!


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