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 Thursday, February 02, 2006

Believe It Or Not : Bush's State of the Union Address, 2006


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Read here FULL TEXT of the 2006 State of Union Address by President George W. Bush

US President George W Bush said US-led forces were winning the war in Iraq and ruled out a hasty withdrawal that would 'abandon our Iraqi allies to death and prison'.

In his State of the Union speech at the start of a crucial election year here, Bush did not mention a timetable for the pullout of US troops, saying only that victory 'is the road that will take our troops home'.

'We are in this fight to win, and we are winning,' the president said. But he warned against a hasty pullout of the 160,000 US troops battling an insurgency raging nearly three years after the March 2003 invasion. Read here for more

Read here reactions to Bush's State of Union address


Prime Minister Tony Blair said Tuesday he was 'deeply saddened' by the loss of Britain's 100th soldier in Iraq in what commentators said was a 'grim milestone' for the military based in the south of the war-torn country.

The news of the 100th British death since the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003 came as Blair was hosting an international conference on Afghanistan, where Britain is shortly to deploy a further 3,300 troops.

The rising death toll illustrated the fact that the involvement in Iraq turned out to be 'much more difficult' than the British government ever expected, one analyst said.

On Monday, 22-year-old Lance Corporal Alan Douglas was shot dead after coming under small-arms fire in the volatile south eastern province of Maysan.

His parents, from Aberdeen in Scotland, said Tuesday they were devastated by the death of their son.

'Alan was against the war,' his father, Walter, told the Daily Record newspaper in Scotland. 'He couldn't see the point of it - but he thought it was his duty to be there and he had no choice.' Read here for more

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