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 Monday, June 12, 2006

Where is the Outrage of US and Western Powers on the Killing of Innocent Palestinians on North Gaza Beach by Israel ?

  US Administration's disgraceful response to this dastardly act by the Israeli army on the killing of innocent Palestinians on the North Gaza Beach is a good reflection of the White House's hypocrisy in handling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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After two days of Israeli attacks, at least 17 Palestinians were killed.

Among the dead were six members of the Ghalia family, including a father, mother and three children, two of them infants.

Houda and her 11 brothers and sisters were enjoying a day in the sun with their father, who had promised them a picnic if they passed their end-of-year exams.

Hearing Israeli warning fire, the family quickly packed up.

They were waiting for a taxi when the explosive landed, she said.

Houda's father, Ali, was killed with five of her brothers and sisters — one an 18-month-old — her father's second wife and one other person who was not related to them.

Her mother and five other children from the family were wounded. Three of the children are being treated in Israeli hospitals.

Israel expressed regret Saturday for the killing of eight civilians, but stopped short of taking responsibility.

Pounding on the sand, Houda Ghalia shrieked for her father after he was killed with five of her siblings at a seaside picnic by what Palestinians said was an Israeli shell.

Footage of the 10-year-old screaming "Father! Father!" has played over and over again on television, driving home the devastating impact of what Palestinian leaders are calling "genocidal" and "a war crime."

One of the only members of her family to emerge unscathed, Houda was left questioning her fate.

"What have I done wrong that I should have to live without my parents?" the girl asked AP Television News, surrounded by teary-eyed female relatives dressed in black.

Hadeel, Ali Ghalia's daughter from his second wife, is hospitalized in Gaza with shrapnel wounds. She still has not been told that she lost both her parents and her six-month-old brother.

"Hadeel is now an orphan," said Nasreen Ghalia, the girl's aunt. "We want nothing from (the Israelis.) We just want them to leave us alone."

Moderate President Mahmoud Abbas opened a speech on Saturday by paying tribute to Houda's ordeal.

Abbas asked:

"What is the crime that she committed while she was watching her family being killed on the beach and screaming?

Who is responsible for such acts and why are such acts being committed against innocent people?"
Later, Abbas met Houda in his office in Gaza, shedding a tear as he stroked her hair.

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