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 Saturday, September 09, 2006

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger : The Loose Mouth Cannon


"I mean Cuban, Puerto-Rican, they are all very hot.
They have the, you know, part of the black blood in them and part of the Latino blood in them that together makes it."

-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger apologized yesterday for saying in a closed-door meeting that the mixture of Hispanic and black blood gives Puerto Ricans and Cubans "very hot" personalities.

The statements about Hispanics and blacks were captured on a six-minute tape made during a March 3 speechwriting session between Schwarzenegger and his advisers.

On it, Schwarzenegger and his chief of staff, Susan Kennedy, speak affectionately of state Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia and speculate about her nationality.

The Republican governor said he cringed when he read his own words in the Los Angeles Times story in yesterday's editions.

Racial comments made by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger were bad enough, say local residents, but they were just as appalled by how one of their state representatives responded to his words.

About 30 Coachella Valley residents on Friday protested outside the office of Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, R-Cathedral City, in response to Schwarzenegger's comments about Puerto Ricans' and Cubans' feistiness and temperament coming from "black blood" and "Latino blood."

It didn't help that Garcia accepted his subsequent apology and said the comments didn't bother her, the protesters said.

"It's a shame that our representatives don't have the courage to stand up against ignorance and stereotypes," Coachella resident Juan Carlos Sanchez, 24, said Friday evening.

Lined up in front of Garcia's Cathedral City office, protesters waved signs deploring racism and sexism as passing motorists honked their horns in support.

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