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 Thursday, October 26, 2006

Iraq War: GENERAL CASEY Playing Politics with American Public


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US Soldiers Speak Out Against Iraq War

More than 200 U.S. troops have come forward, asking their Congressional representatives to end the occupation of Iraq and promptly bring American service members home.

Their coming out marks the first time since the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003 that men and women still in uniform have publicly spoken out against operations there, organizers of the effort said.

They are doing so under the Military Whistle-Blower Protection Act, which says active-duty, National Guard and Reserve forces can communicate with their legislators without fear of reprisal.

In a conference call with reporters this afternoon, three of the troops pointed out that they are doing this off-duty, out of uniform and in no way as a representative of the military. READ HERE FOR MORE


Larry Johnson
(Larry C. Johnson formerly worked with the Central Intelligence Agency (1985-1989) and the Department of State's Office of the Coordinator for Counter Terrorsim (1989-1993). Since 1994 Mr. Johnson has helped script terrorism exercises for the U.S. military forces that have the counter terrorism mission. He also has served as an instructor for the U.S. State Department's Anti-Terrorism Training Program. Presently he is the Managing Partner and founder of BERG Associates, LLC, an international business-consulting firm based in Washington,that specializes in counter terrorism and money laundering investigations.)

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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingIf your son or daughter is serving under the leadership of General George W. Casey, God help him or her.

This man is a fool and a disgrace to the U.S. Army.

Today during a press conference in Baghdad with U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad, General Casey decided to play politics and apple polish the Bush Administration rather than tell the truth.

According to Casey:

"... The Baghdad security plan continues to have a dampening effect on sectarian violence...

Extra U.S. troops dispatched to Baghdad have had a decisive effect.

. . Iraqi security forces operating in and around Baghdad also are making significant contributions in reducing the violence.

Iraq isn"t awash in sectarian violence .

. .Most sectarian violence in Iraq is concentrated across a 30-mile radius around Baghdad, and, 90 percent of all violence in Iraq is taking place in five of the country"s 18 provinces."

What planet is this man on?

Is he auditioning to be the Army's version of Baghdad Bob?

Unfortunately, today's comments are part of a pattern.

Casey made many of these same stupid claims last March:

".. But I will tell you the violence in Iraq is not necessarily widespread. There is sectarian tension and there is sectarian violence, but it's primarily focused in the center of the country around Baghdad.

In 15 of the 18 provinces, there are six or less incidents of
violence a day. That's not just sectarian. That's all kinds of

In 12 of the provinces, it's two or less incidents of violence a day.

So the country is not awash in sectarian violence."

Alright, here are the facts ( click here: Casualities in Iraq ). When Casey made those comments last March there were 1092 Iraqi soldier and civilan deaths.

That number soared to 2966 in August and 3539 in September.

When John Hopkins' School of Public Health updated its 2004 survey of civilian deaths in Iraq (which estimated as many as 655,000 Iraqis have died since the war started in 2003), the Iraqi Government responded by announcing its plan to restrict information on civilian casualties.

Nonetheless, the preliminary data for for October (as of 23 October) points to at least twice as many dead Iraqis compared to March 2006.

Casey foolishly and ignorantly takes comfort in the fact that most of the provinces do not have daily sectarian strife.

Shows how little this crazy General knows about Iraq.

The majority of the Iraqi population lives in the provinces that are wracked by sectarian violence.

So, here's the bottomline--since U.S. troops beefed up their presence in Baghdad Iraqis are dying in greater numbers.

But Iraqis are not the only ones paying a terrible price.

U.S. troops are dying at escalating rates, with October marking the largest loss of life by U.S. soldiers and Marines in 2006.

This kind of rah-rah bullshit from a ground commander is criminal.

Unfortunately, he is gladly carrying water for a Commander-in-Chief who insists we must stay the course but denies saying that we must stay the course.

I guess Casey believes he must behave like President Bush and endorse deception, delusion, and lies.

But in making this Faustian bargain, Casey seems oblivious to the price being paid in blood by our men and women serving in Iraq.

This may explain in part why some U.S. soldiers and Marines are petitioning their members of Congress to end the war in Iraq.

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