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 Thursday, November 23, 2006

Assassination of Perre Gemayel in Lebanon: Accusations Against Syria are All TOO ROUTINE


Zvi Bar'el

Read here full article in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz

Questions Need to be Ask:

Is there another black hand in the Middle East that attempts to make Syria responsible for the
destabilisation of the Middle East?

Which country is well-known in its policy for the assassination of political leaders of neighboring countries in the Middle East in recent years?

Why is this assassination timed when Washington is about to reach out to Syria?

The accusation leveled at the Syrians put Syria at the top of the list of suspects in Tuesday's assassination of Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel.

However pure political and diplomatic logic makes it difficult to see Damascus behind the assassination.

It puts Syrian president Bashar Assad in an embarrasing position.

The accusations were made by Saad Hariri, son of assassinated former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, hinted by Prime Minister Fuad Siniora urging the establishment of an international tribunal to try Hariri's killers, and in statements by anti-Syrian elements in Lebanon ,

The day Gemayel was killed, Syria chalked up one of its most significant diplomatic achievements since its defeat in Lebanon in April 2005: the renewal of full diplomatic relations with Iraq.

Syria is also on the way to achieving a semi-official stamp of approval from Washington as able to calm things down in Iraq.

Syria could have been on the verge of an important political success in Lebanon - the possible fall of Fuad Siniora's government, which would mean Syria could increase the power of its supporters in the government by means of the Hezbollah ultimatum.

With three such achievements, the LAST THING Damascus needed was a new accusation of a political murder in Lebanon.

When Hariri was murdered in February 2005, Syria apparently thought it could repress the forces of reform through political assassination.

Now things are different.

Hezbollah is about to pave the way for both itself and Syria to direct political influence.

No wonder, then, that it was Hezbollah, about to organize huge rallies against the Siniora said the Gemayel killing was a plot, woven, no less, by elements hostile to Hezbollah.

The organization says it will now be difficult to persuade the Lebanese public to oppose a government one of whose ministers was assassinated.

And why Pierre Gemayel?

He may have been a promising young leader expressing anti-Syrian sentiments, as befitting a scion of the Gemayel family.

But he was not among the first pick of Lebanese leaders.

On the other hand, more prominent leaders are surrounded by small armies.

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