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 Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bill, Hillary's Problem is Not the Media, Its CFS

  Hillary Dangerfield Gets No Respect


Craig Yates

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(CFS - Clinton Fatigue Syndrome)

Bill Clinton gave a speech in South Dakota on Sunday in which he continued to promote the theory of a media conspiracy against Hillary.

He suggested the Democratic Party should nominate his wife "unless we want to lose the election." If that weren’t enough, Bill added that he has "never seen a candidate treated so disrespectfully just for running."

I’m not certain because I wasn’t there, but there must have been a short man in a white suit standing by Bill’s side, pointing to the sky and shouting "the planes boss, the planes".

Clearly, Bill has taken up residence on Fantasy Island.

  1. Media Conspiracy Against Hillary

    First to the idea of a media conspiracy against Hillary.

    Would that be the SAME media that made Hillary the frontrunner before a single vote was cast? The SAME media that gave the Democratic Primary field the name Hillary and the Seven Dwarfs in the weeks and months before Obama’s upset win in Iowa?

    THAT media, Bill? The way I remember it, it was the Mainstream Media that had all but coronated Hillary Clinton since the day she announced her candidacy.

  2. Hillary Beating McCain

    Now to the notion that only Hillary can beat John McCain in the general election. On this point I suspect Bill may have a dyslexia problem as he reads the general election polls.

    As I interpret the data from RealClearPolitics, in the cumulative results from 7 different pollsters, Obama leads McCain in 4 polls, they are running even in 2, and McCain leads Obama in only one.

  3. Respect

    On the issue of R-E-S-P-E-C-T, I would contend that the Clintons received undeserved respect for too long in the days following Super Tuesday.

    Obviously, Hillary and her staff had no plan or strategy for that time. They assumed that the race would be over and they could turn their focus to the general election. And everybody knows the old saying about ASS-U-ME-D.

    Hillary was not prepared for a long struggle and did not have the organization in place after Super Tuesday, causing her to lose 11 straight contests. That lack of being able to assess the field and plan accordingly does not speak well of someone who wants to run an effective general election campaign against John McCain, or someone who wants to run the country for that matter.

    What has proven to be true is that the support for Hillary was 10 miles wide and 1/4 inch deep. Democrats supported her because they thought she could win.

    What they saw when Obama starting gaining momentum was a candidate that could win whose last name was not Clinton and did not carry all the baggage that goes along with that name.

    It had nothing to do with respect. In my opinion, it was and is, all about CFS (Clinton Fatigue Syndrome). This is an illness not only within the Democratic Party, but one that has spread to the country as a whole.

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