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 Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton Implodes: Is She Still Suited to be President ?

  Paging Dr Freud


Andrew Sullivan. Read

I was on the stairmaster when the news came through.

And I saw the apology as well - an apology to the Kennedy family, I might note, NOT to Senator Obama.

Since some seem unwilling to point out why this remark was more than unfortunate, it is worth remembering that we have the first BLACK candidate for president.

You only have to spend a few minutes talking with African-Americans about this campaign to discover that the fear that Obama could be assassinated is very much on their minds.

It is in everyone's subconscious, especially Michelle Obama's.

To refer to the June assassination of Bobby Kennedy in the context of reasons to stay in this interminable race against Barack Obama is therefore catastrophically inappropriate.

Coming after her pitch for "white votes", it is reckless.

Yes, this season has gone on for ever.

And for Senator Clinton, it has now obviously gone on too long.

She's been waiting for Obama to implode. Instead, she just has.

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