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 Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MSNBC Chuck Todd Says It is HILLARY Who Should Reach Out to OBAMA Supporters

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"Hillary should have quit and retain her delegates and be a suspended candidate."
- Chuck Todd
Video clip is from MSNBC's Morning Joe, broadcast May 27, 2008

Chuck Todd on MSNBC,"Morning Joe" Show, 27 May 2008

Spokespeople for the Clinton campaign have been saying repeatedly that Barack Obama has to show respect for Hillary Clinton to win the votes of her supporters next fall.

(But) MSNBC analyst Chuck Todd believes it is Clinton who has to reach out to Obama supporters if she is to have any chance of a presidential run four or eight years from now.

"You almost wonder if ... she's going to regret having continued this campaign full-bore.

She is not making any friends with ObamaNation. ... If she ever wants to be president, she's going to have to make friends with ObamaNation.

The Clinton people are not angry at Obama.

They're angry at other factors ... the media ... the DNC ... some people that ran her campaign. Obama voters are angry at the Clintons.

She has to figure how to reach out to this ObamaNation because these folks -- whether it's rational or not -- have absolutely come to be very -- I don't want to say hate, that's a strong word ... to loathe lots of folks on the Clinton side, including Senator Clinton, including President Clinton.

And she needs to figure out how to -- for her political future, if she ever want to run for president -- to win these folks back over."

Todd pointed to this weekend's flap over Clinton's remarks about Robert Kennedy, it was an example of why she might have been better off suspending her campaign rather than trying to keep it going.

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