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 Thursday, May 22, 2008

The REAL Reason Why Is Hillary Still Running

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Obama now has won the majority of pledged delegates and no matter what happens in the remaining states and Puerto Rico, Hillary cannot surpass him in that area.

So the question remains, why is she still running?

An article in today’s New York Times lists a few reasons, such as:

- showing young women that she won’t be pushed around,

-trying to get Barack Obama to adopt some of her policies into his platform for the general election campaign, and

-hoping that some as yet unknown scandal about Obama may be lurking out there somewhere.
But the final point appears to me to be the most likely reason why Hillary won’t throw in the towel:
"But amassing a strong popular vote, and going out on some high notes, would help Mrs. Clinton emerge from the long nomination battle on better footing, aides say.

And making herself an appealing vice-presidential prospect — or setting herself up to run again in 2012, if Mr. Obama should lose, or perhaps 2016 — is not altogether out of the question."
In my opinion, Hillary has NO interest in the VP spot.

Even if she did the chances that Obama would pick her are slim and none.

I also believe that she has no intention of waiting until 2016 for another run at the presidency, at a time when she would be nearly 70 years old.

That leaves 2012.

But if Obama is elected this year, challenging an incumbent Democratic president would be political suicide for Hillary.

That leads me to the conclusion that Hillary’s statement about wanting party unity and working to support the nominee of the Party no matter who it is, is a bunch of bunk.

If Hillary was interested in Party unity she would have dropped out when it became clear that she had no chance of overtaking Obama in pledged delegates.

And I have no doubt she would work her hardest to support the nominee of the Party, as long as that nominee’s last name is Clinton.

The scenario I see is this:

Hillary will stay in the race until the bitter end, inflicting as much damage on Obama as possible along the way, deepening the racial divide that she has started within the Party.

Then after Obama gets the nomination she will go through the motions with a half-hearted effort in the fall campaign, all the while hoping that her white supporters hold true to their word and vote for John McCain.

If they do and McCain is elected, Hillary will be screaming "See, I told you so" from the rooftops, positioning herself perfectly for the nomination in 2012.

I realize there are a lot of "ifs" involved in order for this to play out, but the Clintons have been playing the "what if" game since Hillary fell behind in the race for the nomination.

I’m sure they’re willing to roll the dice on a few more.

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