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 Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Two Reasons Why Democrats Should Give Up on Hillary Clinton

  From Washington Post Letters to Editor

Marie Cocco ["The 'Not Clinton' Excuse," op-ed, May 22] asked, if not Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, "which woman, exactly, would be acceptable?"

Answer: any woman who didn't vote for the Iraq war. That single choice of Ms. Clinton's is the only reason she didn't wrap up the nomination four months ago.

On Oct. 11, 2002 -- the day she lost my vote -- she either didn't know what 34 percent of Americans knew, in which case she's too ignorant to be president; or she voted out of fear she'd be perceived as weak, in which case she's too craven to be president.

More recently, she asserted that if Iran considered attacking Israel, "we would be able to totally obliterate them," presumably including most of the country's civilians.

What's the point in voting for a woman who is just as militant, just as belligerent, just as vicious as any man might be?

Untold thousands have died in a war Ms. Clinton voted to authorize.

Do I not have a right to hold her accountable for that vote just because I'm a 55-year-old woman?

Am I supposed to support her solely because of her gender?

And I also think that Sen. Barack Obama is a far better feminist than Ms. Clinton has shown herself to be.


Stewartstown, Pa


"Is it something about Hillary, or something about us?" Marie Cocco asked, wondering whether Hillary Rodham Clinton's apparent failure to secure the Democratic presidential nomination was related to her gender.

The answer: Neither.

It's something about Barack Obama, who inspired many Democrats who otherwise would have voted for Ms. Clinton.

Ms. Cocco also suggests the possibility that if Ms. Clinton loses, "no woman will seriously contend for the White House for another generation," because there isn't a "woman on the political horizon" with Ms. Clinton's name recognition, fundraising ability, political experience and loyal base of support.

But Ms. Cocco forgets that less than four years ago, Mr. Obama possessed none of those assets himself.





Hillary Clinton: The Pinata Of The Political World


Robert Paul Reyes

Read here on News Blaze
"Pundits, reporters, the Democratic establishment, and everybody else with at least room temperature IQ knows that Sen. Barack Obama has secured the Democratic presidential nomination.

Only Hillary Clinton believes she's still a viable candidate; she continues her Quixotic quest with her painted-on smile and her luggage full of pantsuits. It's Hillary's turn to rule, by God, and even though she's hopelessly behind in every metric (pledged delegates, superdelegates, popular vote, most states won), karma will cooperate if need be, and kill Obama by means of an assassin.

At every campaign stop Hillary is met by an adoring throng of white middle-aged ladies who will stick with their Queen come hell, high water or reality. These ageing women are persuaded that Hillary is their last chance to see a woman capture the White House before they kick the bucket. These old birds are full of p*** and vinegar and they unload on men and women who have the temerity to vote for a candidate other than their feminist hero.

Hillary achieved her exalted position by clinging to the DNA-stained coattails of her husband - she's no feminist icon. If Hillary's last name wasn't "Clinton" she'd be working for a law firm defending white collar criminals, and whiling away her free time in bars making fun of blue-collar yokels.

Hillary Clinton is the pinata of politics, she's such a despicable creature that nobody bats an eye when she's ridiculed, criticized or condemned. This is not a perfect analogy, a pinata is a brightly-colored paper container filled with sweets and/or toys and Hillary is a dour and bitter woman filled with arrogance, spite, jealousy and all manner of evil.

A pinata does nothing to deserve its horrible fate; we can't help but feel a tinge of sorrow when we see its shattered remains. But Hillary is so evil that most folks figure she had it coming when pundits and comics tear her apart.

Hillary's days in the national spotlight are numbered; soon even she will accept reality and quit the race. What a horrible prospect, we need a pinata that we can beat without feeling guilt or facing the reproach of others.

Even when I criticize a clueless bimbo like Paris Hilton, I get nasty emails from her fans. But when I mock Hillary I get nothing but letters of support and encouragement.

Hillary please don't drop out of the race, a legion of pundits, reporters, comics and regular folks need you. You are our beloved pinata and we want to continue beating on you until there's nothing left."

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Blogger Loki said...

First let me say
I think its a outrage,, how the new media take something completely out context,Just like the obama supporter,don't like it,, CNN & Msnbc, everyone knows what Hilary said,, to add word to it, these new agency should be working for the Bush Administration, or for a third world country, who trying to rig the election, I am for Hilary,,Obama has no agenda,, He running on nothing more than Corporate Media hype,
Every seems to be caught up in this Barack Obama Magic show. since the media is pushing Hilary out ,, and certain democrats, then 75% to 80% Hilary voter will do what Obama supports said they will do,, Obama support seen on CNN and Msnbc saying if obama don't win the primary, they are going to vote for McCain, well since then Between certian Democrats and Corporate,,, there already a campaign of Hilary supporter,,
Even if Hilary decide to back Obama, up to 80% of hilary supporter will not vote for Obama or flat out vote for McCain,
I voted for Hilary and no matter what, I will not vote for Obama and better yet, I will not waste my vote, I will vote for McCain, I do think America is ready for a black President, Not Obama, and better yet ,, Obama voter now are saying if you don't vote for him it Racist, I am not going to Obama because he is a Fraud, No more No Less, Not because he black or white, just because on every single one of his debates He could not answer a hard question for the simple fact they gave them to Hilary,, not only that, everything Hilary said she was going to do, Obama Agreed, with her every single time,, and uses her way on his campaign, Obama needs the other half of Hilary Votes, to win against McCain, and that is a fact, ,,,, Remember if Obama supporter can say they will VOte for McCain if Obama don't win, then guess what All Hilary voter are uniting and doing the same thing,, what goes around comes around,

1:17 PM

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