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 Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hillary's Women Supporters are STUPID and ILLOGICAL

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Stupid is as Illogical Does. Feminists Supporting Hillary, But Voting For McC are Stupid and Illogical


Sandy Sand
(Sandy Sand began her career with Women's American ORT (Organization for Rehabilitation through Training). She was a reporter for the San Fernando Valley Chronicle, and did a broadcast tri-weekly, ten minuted newscast for KGOE AM. She is currently a guest columnist for the Los Angeles Daily News )

Their reasons for jumping the Democratic ship will do nothing more than set their feminist cause back a thousand years.

I just got done listening to the biggest bunch of idiot females call into the Bill Press radio show. It was enough to make any rational thinker mentally barf.

They’re jumping ship to vote for McCain as a protest against the Democratic party for its Rules Committee ruling on Saturday.

They’d be doing themselves and their cause a favor by staying home and burying their heads under their lonely mattresses, than cut off their reproductive rights and all the advances they’ve achieved for the sake of spite.

Their ire at the party is no more than being angered by the effrontery and disrespect of an imaginary pinch on the butt.

Ladies, the party hasn’t smacked you down, but if you vote for Johnny “Third Bush Term” McCain, he will.

I’ve never been a feminist except for totally believing in equal pay for equal work.

If you want to be righteously angry at the DNC, put that anger into their bone-headed punishing of the voters in Florida and Michigan for something voters had no control over.

Work as hard and as zealously as you have for Hillary, and get the powers that be to change the rules. One man, one woman vote in the primaries and a death knell to caucuses.

They’re basically unfair. Impossible to comprehend. Impossible for many to attend. And, worst…the number of votes isn’t counted or accounted for in the popular vote totals, so you have no way of knowing the real popular vote.

In case they never noticed, there’s a big difference between men and women and vive la difference! Nothing wrong with using feminine wiles to get what you want.

But, when Hillary began emulating a tough-talking, war-mongering McCain-lite witch, and pulling Republican dirty tricks beginning with her idiotic 3 a.m. ad, sensible people began to turn off and tune her out.

She chose the LOW road to travel to the nomination.

These women are so over the top thinking that the Democratic party has been unfair to women or -- as part of the discussion -- the press has been “sexist” in its coverage of Hillary Clinton.

Was it sexist for the press to give her the first question at every debate? No.

She was the darling at the time and ahead in all the polls, but began to plummet when she opened a debate with a pissy complained that she was called on first.

I suppose she would have bitched even more loudly if she’d gotten the second or third question.

She never planned for the unexpected, any more than W. (Bush) planned for what might happen after the Iraq invasion.

So go ahead ladies. Don’t take a timeout, and come November vote for McC, which is approving the next three Supreme Court nominees, and vote yourselves and the rest of us women back into the dark ages of women’s rights.

McCain doesn’t like you! In fact he hates you!

All you have to do is read the reports of how he treats his wife in public. Imagine what he does in private.

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Blogger spicybabes said...

Here why "stupid womens" are behind Senator Clinton and rather vote for Mc Cain

Because "womens" believe in positive change that starts with "Yes, we HAVE" and "Yes, we WILL" (rather than "Yes, we CAN") AND.

NOT because she is a Democrat;

NOT because she is a woman;

NOT because she is Anglo-American (or any other ethnic group, for that matter);

NOT because she is a lawyer by education and experience; and

NOT because she is married with former President Bill Clinton.

Rather, WE "stupid WOMENS" voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton because:

(1) "WE" believe in Hillary Rodham Clinton as a person;

(2) "WE" believe in Hillary Rodham Clinton's platform (see;

(3) "WE" believe in Hillary Rodham Clinton's wealth of broad and long-term life and political experience;

(4) "WE "believe that as among the three viable candidates (Clinton, Obama, McCain) Hillary Rodham Clinton is the BEST candidate to be President of our United States of America; and

(5)"WE" believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the BEST candidate to go up against McCain and WIN!

And "I" do believe "THE BEST MAN JOB, IS A WOMEN"

7:25 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you say discrimination louder!!!!
you are the one who is stupid
first chance and maybe the only one in the near future to have a woman president who is and could be a very strong leader unlike pelosi who has done nothing except cowtow to bush does obama even know how to be a senator yet more less a president? hey women have always been treated bad in this country when it comes to money and power they have always been pushed aside by greedy men
thank god obama stole the nomination it would have been horrible if he had to say "a girl beat me"
been a woman too long too stand still for this bs by the democrats
i will vote for the opponet regardless of what happens and i hope the young women live long enough to know what we are talking about

9:26 AM

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