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 Friday, June 06, 2008

Why Obama WILL win in November

  There are three attributes of Obama which the media failed to take full notice throughout the campaign. Attributes which Obama shared with golfer Tiger Woods.

It is these three attributes that Obama has which will bring Obama to the finishing line in November, the same that Tiger Woods brings along on the golf course, tournaments after tournaments.

Firstly, Obama showed an incredible ability to stay FOCUS on hi goal and his message. Obama and Tiger Woods are so goal-focus and goal-oriented that it is hard to get them side-tracked. This is a good attribute for the country.

When Obama engages the public, he is "in the moment" on his message. He does not get distracted by the jibes from his Democratic opponents during the campaign nor from John McCain or from the Republicans. The same attribute of Tiger Woods at each major tournament.

Secondly, the extraordinatry outward CALMNESS Obama showed during the campaign whether he lost a state or whether he won a state. He keeps plugging on with his message and strategy unperturbed, despite the media's attention on him throughout the campaign and the "rock star" status accorded to him by his audience. He faced his critiques head-on, calmly and directly. You don't see Obama flying off the handle. He displayed a public persona that fits with his goal and strategy. The same when Tiger Woods was criticised by others.

Thirdly,his deeply felt SELF-BELIEF what he can do and what he can't do. He listens well to his advisers. And he brought along an effective team of advisers and he shared his self-belief with them. He moved out of the conventional funding technique of the past. He knew he could inspire epeople and the cynical young voters to come out to listen to him. He knew he had the message that America wants to hear. It is the same as Tiger Woods's self belief as being the best golfer on the planet. Tiger Woods had with him a compatible caddy in Steve Williams who shared Tiger Woods self-belief. Obama and Tiger took their cues from their upbringing, and the challenges of who they are.

Hillary failed miserably in her calmness and in her focus of her message (she had none in the beginning, except to sell her experience.)

John McCain falls far short in the three attributes to take himself to the finishing line.

The money is on Barack Obama to win the November election, irrespective of what the polls say today or tommorrow.
-News Compass

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