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 Sunday, September 28, 2008


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Will the answer she gave to Katie Couric about Russia become her defining moment in this campaign?

It's garnering a lot of attention.

If there is an upside, it certainly lowers expectations again for the VP debate.

The New York Times’ Stanley critiques the performance. "While it is quite likely, and perhaps understandable, that Ms. Palin felt nervous and spooked by all the media attention, it wasn’t a reassuring performance. Ms. Palin looked more steady and confident when she took a few questions from reporters after a visit to ground zero in Lower Manhattan, her first, gingerly encounter with campaign reporters since her nomination.”

The CBS interview, shown partly on Wednesday and partly on Thursday, was only a first taste — Ms. Couric is scheduled to go out on the campaign trail with the Palin team early next week. But it may be hard for Mr. McCain’s running mate to recoup. It wasn’t her first interview on national television, but in some ways it was the worst."

As if Palin's bad week needed to get worse, the Washington Post reports that, as governor, Palin accepted over $25,000 in gifts "from industry executives, municipalities and a cultural center whose board includes officials from some of the largest mining interests in the state, a review of state records shows.

About a quarter of the entities bestowing gifts on the governor are represented by one of Alaska's most influential mining lobbyists, who said in an interview that she was not involved in the tributes. The lobbyist, Wendy Chamberlain, has a relationship with the governor's family through the friendship of their teenage daughters.”

On forms disclosing the gifts, Palin, who is the Republican vice presidential nominee, routinely checked no when asked whether she was in a position to ‘take official action that may affect the person who gave me the gift,’ and a spokeswoman for Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign said the gifts had no undue influence on her."

Palin did make some other news yesterday when she failed to endorse either Don Young or Ted Stevens for re-election.

NBC News and other news organizations this week obtained numerous personal notes and letters by Palin when she was mayor of Wasilla. In particular, NBC's Jim Popkin reports, several letters further confirm Palin’s close relationship with Sen. Ted Stevens, who was the state’s go-to lawmaker for the congressionally approved pet spending projects called earmarks. Palin wrote to Stevens at least three times in 2002 alone, asking for funding for a $150,000 “floatplane study” for Wasilla, an airport instrument landing system for the city, railroad depot improvements and a “Land Mobile Radio Project” for emergency responders. She got most of it. “Thank you for your continued support,” she writes.

"The McCain-Palin campaign is "moving on many fronts" to stall an investigation into whether , Alaska lawmakers claimed in a court filing Thursday. The filing is in response to a lawsuit by five Republican state legislators seeking to halt the Legislative Council's investigation into whether Palin abused her power when she fired Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan this summer."

The AP: "The woman touted by Republican nominee John McCain as a reformer said late Thursday that she will donate to charity more than $1,000 in campaign contributions from two Alaska politicians implicated in a sprawling federal corruption probe.

Palin is also giving back $1,000 from the wife of one of the men. The move came a few hours after The Associated Press reported that Palin had accepted the money during her successful 2006 run for governor. Two months later, Palin was elected easily after she promised to rid Alaska's capital of dirty politics."


Comment by C.A. Wren: Read here


Given McCains age and health history, she could in deed become Commander in Chief

I am terrified at the prospect of this less than open, inexperienced, undereducated woman might be the President of the United States.

  1. Inexperienced?

    - For a short time she was a sports reporter
    -4 years on a small town city council
    -6 years as the mayor of a small town with less than 7,000 people
    -2.5 Years as the governor of a state with only 650,000 people.
    - On the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

    Palins lack of curiosity about the world and international affairs.
    Ms. Palin first applied for a passport last year.

  2. Undereducated?

    After changing colleges 5 times, she did graduate with a Journalism degree

  3. Less than truthful?

    "Thanks but no thanks" Regarding the bridge to nowhere.

    In 2006, Palin ran for governor on a "build-the-bridge" in her platform. She urged quick work on Alaska's infrastructure projects "while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist." (Ted Stevens)

    After the bridge received sharp criticism from John McCain and other congressional members she backed down.

    Sarah Palin's transportation department has JUST completed a $25 million gravel road leading to the site of a (The Bridge To Nowhere) bridge that Palin, now boasts that she stopped, so as to save taxpayers money.

    The road was built with federal tax dollars. A ROAD TO NOWHERE

  4. Troopergate. A Democratic Witch Hunt?

    Alaskan Senate President Lyda Green, a Republican is critical of Palin’s recent behavior.

    The Alaska Legislature has yet to decide whether to impose fines or pursue contempt charges that could lead to Todd Palin's arrest.

    The council, which approved the troopergate inquiry, is made up of eight Republicans and four Democrats. The inquiry was initiated, (Before her nomination)and continues, only because Alaska Republicans many of whom have worked with and supported Palin in the past agree with Alaskan Democrats that the question of whether Palin abused her authority must be addressed.

  5. The Trooper-Gate investigation and the link of Sarah Palin to the Right Wing Religious organization Focus On The Family.

    Liberty Legal Institute is the legal arm of the Free Market Foundation, a conservative activist group associated with James Dobson's Focus on the Family.

    They are now involved in the investigation. (A Sign Of Things To Come?)

  6. Book Banning Question

    In Oct 1996 Palin inquired as to whether Emmons (Wasilla town Librarian) would object to library censorship. Emmons resisted. Palin then raised the possibility that people may circle the library in protest, to which Emmons replied that the American Civil Liberties Union would get involved. Palin backed down.

    Palin fired Emmons on 1/ 30/1997. The next day she withdrew the firing after an expression of public support for Emmons

Quite frankly the thought of Ms. Palin sitting across the table from the likes of a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad chills me to the bone.

She is NOT qualified to be Vice President let alone President.

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