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 Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't cha know Sarah Palin is annoyin'

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It seems as though this election frenzy is centered around vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.
From the Saturday Night Live clips of Tina Fey's impersonations and the Katie Couric interview, it was hard to tell the difference between the comedy and a legitimate interview. Was it all a joke or is Palin seriously stupid?

As a feminist, I have a good idea why Sarah Palin was chosen as John McCain's vice presidential pick. Was it the fact that she was a former beauty pagaent contestant and runner up?

Perhaps her beauty will make up for her lack of experience in the realms of foreign policy and economic theory. A recent poll showed her popularity among male voters and one cannot help but question if her looks have gotten her this far.

I think the answer relies on the fact that McCain believes women in this country are ignorant enough to vote for an obviously incompetent candidate simply because she is a woman.

As a feminist, political science major, and a person who takes the time to research the issues, I find this offensive. After watching her Katie Couric interview, I found it comical that she didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was.

I learned about the Bush Doctrine here at Chabot in my international relations course.

To know that our possible future vice president doesn't know what I learned at community college, is frightening.

According to the latest poll, Sen. John McCain's attempt to appeal to women voters has backfired in his face. A recent poll showed women falling out of favor with McCain 7 percent and Barack Obama comfortably ahead with a 10 percent lead in many battleground states.

McCain's attempt to appeal to disgruntled Hillary Clinton voters is a complete failure.

To compare Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton is ridiculous. Palin represents the anti-Hillary and stands against everything Hillary worked for as a First Lady and senator.

Palin was a governor of Alaska for less than two years and mayor of Wasilla, the meth capital of Alaska. With 41 meth labs found in a single year, I believe her record is nothing to be proud of.

As governor, she also allowed rape victims in Alaska to pay for the forensic analysis of the crime and rape kits which can cost thousands of dollars.

Is she a champion of woman's rights? I think not, in fact she doesn't take any stances on woman's health issues and concerns whereas Senator Barack Obama has enough respect for women in this country to take a stance on woman's issues.

If it weren't for liberal women, Sarah Palin would not have the right to vote, let alone run for vice president.

It was progressively minded women who fought for the women's suffrage movement.

Perhaps Palin should take the time to actually pick up a history book and learn about the history of women in this country.

While she is at it, she should Google "Bush Doctrine." "maverick," and 'idiot.'

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