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 Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's still the economy


Doug Thompson

The global economy is in meltdown, the Dow is dropping faster than a hooker’s panties and all John McCain wants us to think about is an aging radical who paid his debt to society.

That’s right. McCain and his “you betcha” attack dog Sarah Palin continue to hammer away at Barack Obama’s casual relationship with 1960s Weather Underground radical William Ayers. Ask them about the economy and they bring up Bill Ayers. Ask them about Iraq and they talk about Bill Ayers.

As McCain’s Presidential campaign slides into the crapper, his campaign strategy has devolved into “All Ayers All the Time.”

And this angry, bitter old man wants to be our President.

McCain and his bubbly bimbo-like running mate represent all that is wrong with the Republican Party and the nation. They are divisive, disruptive and disengaged from the real problems that face the country and the world.

But division is the hallmark of Republican campaigns. Damn the issues, full mudslinging ahead. Screw the facts, let’s obscure the truth with smears and fear mongering. To hell with the country: The only thing that matters is furthering the GOP agenda of regression, oppression and depression.

McCain’s actions are the sad, irresponsible failings of a desperate man, a cornered animal who will do and try anything to win.

Fortunately, if the polls are correct, his despicable actions aren’t working.

I still have doubts about Obama. What I don’t know about the man concerns me. But I know McCain and his party and what I know about both makes me puke my guts out.

The Republican Party under the criminal leadership of George W. Bush and his cronies has done far more to destroy the American way of life than any Islam-spouting terrorist.

McCain wants to continue the GOP reign of terror. His campaign strategy of unrelenting mudslinging proves that. He and Palin are rabid pit bulls foaming at their mouths and throwing reason to the wind.

I understand all too well how Republicans think. I worked for them for a decade, including stints with three Republican Congressmen and work for the 1984 Reagan-Bush campaign and both the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Republican National Committee.

I taught political tactics at New Gingrich’s American Campaign Academy.

I look back at the period in my life with shame.

To be sure, neither of the two major political parties can claim the ethical high road. Neither have a corner on morality. But Republicans make it personal and cross the line far too often.

It’s time to send the Republicans packing. As long as they stay in power, they are a threat to the United States of America.

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