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 Sunday, October 26, 2008

John McCain Loses Temper

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In heated exchanges, John Mcain made clear that he will not tolerate the blame game that some of his aides have engaged in over the last week as Barack Obama retains a comfortable lead in national and swing state polls.

The friend, who often travels with Mr McCain, said the candidate lost his temper:

"There were raised voices. John's whole life has been about the fight. He won't tolerate those who won't fight. He showed his irritation at some of the pessimism in typical John style."

It was a measure of Mr McCain's weakness that a week before the election he was campaigning in Colorado, what was once a Republican state but now shows Mr Obama with a firm lead. On Saturday he was heading to New Mexico, another Western state that is slipping away.

The friend offered a sober assessment: "This thing is closer than the Obama people think. They are not going to win all the swing states where they are leading now but our problem is that we've got to run the board. The state polls are not good. John is going to have to roll sixes in every state."

Senior figures in the party believe that Mr McCain has only a short time to turn around the polls.

David Gergen, who has advised three Republican presidents, as well as Bill Clinton, said: "This campaign is slipping away from John McCain, that he only has three or four days to turn the momentum around in his favour."

Dick Morris, another former White House strategist, said he thinks Mr McCain's Joe the Plumber adverts, touting his support for small businesses, will begin to show up in polls after the weekend:
"On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of this week, we should see a gradual
tightening of this race. If we don't, McCain is cooked."

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