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 Saturday, October 11, 2008

Overheard: What McCain/Palin Supporters in Tampa Florida Discuss in a Meeting

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It was a complete accident. I went down to my local Tampa Starbucks.

Upon entering Starbucks, I immediately realized that the McCain/Palin folks were having a little meeting.

I saw several women in dresses wearing pink buttons proclaiming "Women for McCain/Palin".

A few of them brought their husbands who were sporting buttons saying things such as "Sportsman for McCain/Palin" and "NOBama".

I sat down at the table next to the group just as they were starting their meeting.

As soon as the last member of their group came in, they prayed.

In their prayer they begged that God "deliver the country from the evil socialists" and even prayed that "Obama find God".

Well, damn, how offensive I thought to myself.

After their prayer they began to discuss their Get Out The Vote efforts.

One of the women proclaimed that her whole Bible study group was going to vote early.

One of the men piped up and said he was going to ask people to vote early after church one Sunday.

The next person lamented that their whole office was voting for Obama.

The McCain/Palin supporters called that person's co-workers "sinners" and said that they "needed Jesus".

Damn, I'm offended again.

Next they started talking about policy positions. This was quite amusing.

They were all upset that Obama had voted for the bailout.

Then, one of them said, "McCain supported it too." Then they talked about how upset they were about McCain's proposal to buy mortgages directly from homeowners.

One of the gentlemen proclaimed, "McCain sounds like a socialist. You'd think he were a Democrat". At that point the other gentleman stated that he had thought of voting for Bob Barr. He opened his lap top and pulled up Barr's website for the others to see. They liked what they saw. One woman said that Barr was the "conservative that McCain used to be."

They talked a little more about how Obama would destroy our country with "free health care" and "gay marriages". They feared his (Obama's) daughters would probably play loud rap music in the White House while world leaders were staying.

They feared that Muslim would become our official religion. One of them even feared that "the Muslim language would be taught in schools."


They went back to the fact that they all believed McCain would lose this election, but they were excited that Palin would probably run in 2012.

They talked about the fact that their local "Victory Office" was so disorganized and the morale was low. Apparently one of the lead volunteer organizers walked out of the office yesterday and hasn't come back.

They all feared they were wasting good time phonebanking and canvassing. They just couldn't believe this great country would elect "that man".

They couldn't believe God would allow it. One woman even thought that God may be punishing the country by giving us Obama.

At that time, I decided to pull out my laptop.

You see, I have an Obama sticker on it. Well, one of them noticed and gave the rest of them a look and said SHHHH! One of the men didn't notice and kept talking.

He said that "Obama is part of a sleeper cell and he will use our own nuclear weapons against us." One of the women nodded her head in agreement.

Finally, the woman who noticed me said in a soft voice, "there's an Obama supporter behind us...BE QUIET". The group suddenly got quiet.

They changed the subject for a while, but on the way out the door one of the men told me "you are a disgrace to white people if you vote for that man."

I told him he was a disgrace to people who think by voting for McCain.

Well, that was a long story, and I'm sure nobody will read it. It's good to be an Obama supporter, especially when you see how scared and dejected the other side is.

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Blogger Christine said...

Well, I read it and I thought, "How little we folk in California know about the rest of the country!" Then I pasted your article into an e-mail to my girlfriend who flew from California to Tampa to help Obama get out the vote. Priceless!

6:31 AM

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