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 Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Palin Can't Distinguish Between Supporters and Protesters

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Sarah Palin mistakenly reprimanded her own supporters at an outdoor rally in Richmond on Friday after they started yelling that they couldn’t hear the candidate.

Palin was in the midst of blaming predatory lenders for the nationwide mortgage crisis when a large group of supporters in the rear of the crowd began demanding that someone turn up the volume on the event’s speakers.

They chanted “Louder! Louder!” in unison, drawing the attention of other audience members, who began chanting “Sarah! Sarah!”

The vice presidential candidate apparently mistook them for some of the anti-war protesters that have disrupted some of her previous events.

I would hope at least that those protestors have the courage and the honor of thanking our veterans for giving them the right to protest,” Palin told them, drawing a roar from the crowd.

She then returned to her speech.

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