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 Sunday, October 26, 2008

"PRESIDENT PALIN ?" Its a Chilling Idea !

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I see a lot of McCain-Palin signs around town. Here's a question for these people:

Are you OK with the odds that Sarah Palin may become president?

Even if John McCain were a healthy 60-year-old, that chance CANNOT be ignored.

The report of the "Troopergate" investigation revealed an executive with a fixation on dealing with a fellow citizen as an enemy. Do we want another president with an enemies list?

  • The report concludes that the action was a violation of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act, not the kind of ethics we need in our president.

  • She has been judged by a number of respected Republican pundits as utterly unqualified to be president, which of course is the No. 1 issue for a vice president.
  • Particularly now, with a Depression-era-type financial crisis, two ongoing wars and looming trouble with Russia, this is no time to have an unqualified person in the White House.

    The idea of her as commander-in-chief is chilling.

    Those who are not comfortable with the idea of a President Palin should NOT vote for McCain.

    He rolled the dice on choosing her, thinking of his chances to win the presidency rather than the best interests of the country.

    The proper response is to send them packing.

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