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 Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarah Palin Too Ambitious for John McCain and the Republican Party's Own Good

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Plenty of Republicans have already given up the ship, conducting premature post mortems and musing about 2012.

But you can generally count on the candidates themselves to put on a brave face -- at least until the polls close.

Apparently Sarah Palin didn't get that memo. She committed a cardinal political sin in an interview with ABC when she played along with questions that began with the premise "If you lose on Tuesday ..."

I generally applaud frankness from politicians. But any candidate who wants to motivate people to vote for her ticket would offer some variation of "Right now, I'm just focused on a McCain-Palin victory on Tuesday ... " and quickly shut down such loser talk. But Palin not only went along with it, she also offered up some ideas about her political future.

She declared that she would not head home to Alaska, as she still wants a spot on the national stage in 2012. "I'm NOT doing this for naught," she added.

Apparently she's not doing this to get John McCain elected, either.

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