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 Saturday, October 04, 2008

Versions of REAL People by Republicans and Democrats

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In 2000, voters were told endlessly about how down to earth and genuine George W. Bush was. Everyone wanted to have a beer and a barbecue with him. Me too.

If only to tell him up close what an ass he was.

Al Gore? He was, of course, an elitist.

In 2008, the down to earth candidates are John McCain and folksy Sarah Palin.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden? Why, elitist of course.

So, what exactly makes someone "down to earth" and "just like REAL Americans?"

  • Is it financial?

    According to Money Magazine, Joe Biden's net worth is somewhere under 1/2 million, Barack Obama's net worth is $1.3 million .

    John McCain's net worth is $40 million. The Palins are believed to have a net worth somewhere above $1 million.

    The average yearly American household income is $46,000 and the average net worth is about $100,000. Hmmm. No "ordinary Joes" on that list.

    By the way, regular guy George Bush's worth in 2000 was in the tens of millions while elitist Al Gore's worth was considerably less.

  • Are "real Americans" more compassionate, more understanding?

    Easily the most touching moment in the Vice Presidential debate was when Joe Biden shared the pain of losing his wife and daughter in an accident shortly after he was elected to Congress. Sarah Palin's reaction was to say nothing.

    There were no words of comfort, no acknowledgment of his tragic loss. She just marched straight ahead with her talking points. Compassion does NOTappear to be a "Joe Sixpack" strength.

  • Are "real Americans" less arrogant, regular guys who fit in with everyone easily?

    The most telling moment of the 2000 campaign went mostly unnoticed, unless you were a viewer of the David Letterman show. George W. Bush was the guest. When they went to a commercial break, Letterman's producer came over to the desk to discuss something with Dave. She was wearing a loose fitting sweater.

    As she stood there, Bush leaned over and without saying a word, grabbed the bottom of her sweater and wiped off his glasses. On her sweater! Talk about a sense of entitlement. I guess we should be glad his nose wasn't running.

  • Perhaps it's their policies that help us to separate "regular guy" candidates from the "elitist" ones.

    "Regular guys" Sarah Palin and John McCain support cutting taxes for rich people. "Elitists" Joe Biden and Barack Obama support cutting taxes for the middle class.

    "Elitists" Joe Biden and Barack Obama support health care for all Americans. "Regular guys" Sarah Palin and John McCain do not.

    "Regular guys" Sarah Palin and John McCain would like to keep fighting a war that "Elitists" Joe Biden and Barack Obama want to end.

    "Elitists" Joe Biden and Barack Obama would like to raise the minimum wage, invest heavily in alternative fuels and protect the environment. "Regular guys" Sarah Palin and John McCain want to "drill, baby, drill."

    You get the impression that, in the GOP (Republican) dictionary,
    --- "elitist" means knowledgeable and worldly, capable of leading and eager to help the middle class, while

    ---- "down to earth" means devoid of intellectual curiosity, eager to give hand outs to the rich and most likely to run the country off a cliff.

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