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 Friday, October 03, 2008

Vice-Presidential Debate: Palin Did Not Melt, Biden Looked More Convincing as Vice Presiden

  Read here article by Yael T. Abouhalkah, Kansas City Star

By a knockout, Joe Biden was the more effective, better-informed vice presidential candidate Thursday night.

Granted, Sarah Palin did not look like she was channeling a duncy Tina Fey. Palin looked far more confident than many people had expected. Her folksy approach to answering questions did get old rather quickly, though.

Overall, Biden's strengths overwhelmed Palin's.


-- Biden gave more complete and convincing answers on how he and Barack Obaman would respond to the nation's economic problems.

-- Biden was far more effective at telling Americans what, exactly, he and Obama would do in the areas of health care and in getting the nation out of Iraq.
Palin, on the other hand, wandered all over the place on several occasions.

In fact, it appeared she had been overprepped: She would be answering a question and a little light seemed to go off in her head, sending her in a completely different direction.

Example: She talked at several points about "energy independence" and the "greed and corruption of Wall Street," even when they had nothing at all do with the topic at hand.

Palin did not melt down during the debate, so John McCain's campaign team will claim that was a victory.

But Biden was far more effective at appearing ready to become the next vice president of the United States.

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  • Palin had already revealed her lack of knowledge and qualifications. Whatever came out of her mouth wasn't hers; they were her handlers' words.

  • I saw a post on CNN asking if anyone saw the forklift that brought in Palin's notecards.I must admit, I laughed. Hard.I was completely lost in Palin's responses, because she was overwhelmed by the soundbites shoved into her brain by the handlers. Those soundbites were convoluted and dyslexic.

  • Tonight, Americans were treated to a stark contrast. On the right, Republicans offered up a candidate who performed like a diligent understudy eager to perfectly recite the lines on a page. Sarah Palin spent the night doing what she does best--palinizing, avoiding answering questions and instead providing canned generalities and stock "zingers." She performed her choreographed debate dance well, down to how often she looked at Joe Biden and how often she looked in the camera. She studied for this debate. It showed.

    On the left, Democrats offered up a candidate who didn't just perform. He certainly executed what he needed to execute properly--in a forceful and earnest manner. But Joe Biden did more than just "perform well" on stage. Unlike his opponent, he didn't just recite what was on notecards. He recited what was in his heart.

    Indeed, at one point, he spoke so earnestly that he became emotional as he talked about his dedication to his family. And when he spoke of his dedication to this country, and Obama's as well, he spoke just as earnestly and authentically.

    The mantra going into the debate was that if "Palin could be Palin," she would shine. She shined, all right.

    She beamed as a neophyte does when they tremble with excitement about finally being on the national stage.

    She glowed when she delivered the scripted lines she studied, even giving a little nod to herself as she successfully delivered the words meticulously drafted by someone else.

    But when it came to convincing Americans (and especially independents) that she is an authentic candidate and a qualified candidate, it doesn't appear that she did anything to keep her star from fading.

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