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 Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Video-Clip: Michelle Bachmann Says Barack Obama is Anti-American


Republican Michelle Bachmann : Obama is Anti-American

It started with an interview that Michelle Bachmann gave on Hardball with Chris Matthews. (view above video clip)

So you believe that Barack Obama has anti-American views?” asked Matthews.

Absolutely. I'm very concerned he may have anti-American views. That's what the American people are concerned about,” responded Bachmann, inciting the backlash.

Meanwhile, Elwyn Tinklenberg, Bachmann's DFL opponent, said Sunday that her remarks about Obama triggered a surge of contributions to his campaign that will allow him to wage a more vigorous media campaign.

Tinklenberg's campaign said that in the 48 hours after Bachmann's remarks, $640,000 from nearly 13,000 people came in to his campaign. That is more than all donations he received during the entire third quarter.

His campaign now will air more TV ads than it had planned this week. National Democrats say they will help.

The comments inflamed democrats. Democrats around the country have donated more than $800,000 to her DFL opponent's campaign in just three days.

“The one advantage Representative Bachmann has was that she was leading us in fundraising. Well, she's given that all away and we're going to be able to go toe-to-toe with her the rest of the way through the campaign,” says Elwyn Tinklenberg, Bachmann’s democratic opponent.

The National Democratic Party says it will pour another million dollars into the race to defeat Bachmann. The State DFL Party will try to use her comments to paint all republicans with the same brush. Read here for more

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Terrific piece in Politico today on the rise of Michele Bachmann. You'll remember Michele as the Minnesota Republican who denounced liberals as America-haters and demanded an investigation of "anti-American" members of Congress.

(Bachmann was also the poor sucker first forced to float the idea that putting a state plane on eBay somehow qualified Sarah Palin for the presidency.)

Bachmann's most recent outburst resulted in $640,000 worth of donations to the congressional campaign of her opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg. So why does she keep saying such stupid things?

Because she's a media hound, a GOP operative tells Politico: "That has been her biggest goal from Day One: to be in the media spotlight, to be a representative who is the spokesman for the Republican Party—and she's made that a very concerted effort, to be in the spotlight as much as possible."

Which might explain this:

Bachmann first hiked the national eyebrow with her awkwardly long shoulder grasp of President Bush in the moments after his 2007 State of the Union address. A video clip landed in heavy rotation online, as did clips of Bachmann sermonizing about being "hot for Jesus," referring to Terri Schiavo as "healthy" and disputing that "global warming is the issue of the day."

Rep. Bachmann first came to Radar's attention back in May of 2007, when we rated her American's Holiest Congressperson. A brief excerpt:

Bachmann earned a law degree from Coburn, an affiliate of Oral Roberts University, and helped found a charter school where she reportedly worked to prevent the Disney movie Aladdin from being shown, because it supposedly promoted paganism.

Then, as a Minnesota state senator, Bachmann launched a crusade to outlaw gay marriage that turned into a highly publicized spectacle replete with restroom run-ins with angry lesbians and grainy photos suggesting that Bachmann was "spying" on a gay rights rally while crouching behind a bush.

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